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Is it okay to give the serial number of my Macintosh to someone on eBay who hasn't placed a bid yet?

Perhaps I'm being totally paranoid. It's not like he's asking me for my social security number or anything. Just seems kinda weird to me that this eBay guy who hasn't even placed a bid yet (nobody has) wants me to send him the serial number of my 1984 Mac. It's only been owned by my mom so maybe I should just give it to him as some kind of assurance that I'm the real deal, as opposed to being some fake vintage Mac dealer or even worse, someone with one of his old Macs (since he claims to have sold a bunch of them) And then there's his suspicion that I'm overcharging for the shipping which, far as I can tell, is reasonable, given how much is being shipped. Guess I can figure out the shipping stuff at the post office tomorrow. Should I give him the serial number, though? Also, should I snap a picture of the back to prove to everyone it's the original line --ie-- the one manufacture in January? I can still picture my mom assembling it all those winters ago. We lived in Virginia then. It was snowing outside. And I couldn't believe how cool the drawing was. Those radio commercials about it playing over and over and over again. Then to actually see what it was. Just dazzling! Wow, I'm getting nostalgic and haven't even sold it yet.

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I can't see this would be a problem. He probably just wants to check the model and the age.
Thanks, Damian. Appreciate it!




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