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Large Vintage computer collection Apple II's, Gigi, Sparc's, etc.

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Subject: Large Vintage computer collection Apple II's, Gigi, Sparc's, etc.
Author: CC Rider
Date: 7 hours ago

Large Vintage computer collection Apple II's, Gigi, Sparc's, etc. LOOK
- $299 (Bellingham MA area)

Date: 2011-01-09, 7:57PM EST
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Selling off first half of vintage computer museum. 33 computers plus
printers and accessories. About half have been tested at one time or
another. Some are non functional (missing harddisk or no boot, etc). I
don't remember which ones were tested OK. So entire collection is sold
AS-IS, WHERE-IS. Some accessories and documentation included.


Priced to sell fast. Easy access to collection. No stairs. Bring a
pickup or van, and possibly a helper.

Reply via email with your phone number stating time and date that you
can pick this collection up in the Greater Bellingham MA Area.
Weeknights between 6pm-8pm.


Mac Classic II
Mac Color Classic
Mac II ci
Mac II si
Mac Plus w/ external HD (qty 2)
Mac Centris 660W
Mac Performa 6200CD
iMac � Lime Green � no HD
Apple II (qty 2)
Apple IIe
Mac 9500/120
Mac 8500/120
Mac 7300/200
Mac 7200/120 - PC compatible
Umax c500 � Mac clone
Apple Dot Matrix printer
Apple Laser printer
Apple Ink cart printer (qty 2)

Axil Ultima 1/K � Sun clone
Sun Sparc 20
Sun Sparc Ultra 5

Digital Gigi

SGI Iris Indigo

Toshiba laptops (qty 3)

IBM convertible
IBM portable

Commodore VIC20
Commodore VIC64

Radio Shack Tandy TRS80 - boxed
Radio Shack Tandy Color Computer

Timex T100

TI 99/4A

Epson Dot Matrix w/box

Location: Bellingham MA area
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial
PostingID: 2152256480


Note: I am not the seller, I don't know the condition of Ny of these products. - it might even be a scam to get someone with 299 dollars in their pocket to be robbed. I hope not, but welcome to the real world. If you pick it up, the story would be great to hear.

P.S. I'd edit this better if Ning and iPad gotnalong better. It is not possible to scroll back the text window to fix the headers of the message thT I couldn't convince the iPad to not select.

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I Live in mass but I am nowhere near this :P


Plus we just got a big snow storm so travel is a negative 

I just hope a respectful soul be the one that picks it up.  Even if they part it out.  As long as they don't try to scrap it for the copper or something equally stupid.




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