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Linotype-Paul APL-100/200 Apple ][

Here's an eBay UK auction for an unsual Apple ][ computer that has been adapted for typesetting. It appears to incorporate a IIe computer, monitor and two Disk ][ drives into a single case with an external keyboard. The auction page has a link to more photographs, some of which show the internals of the computer. There appears to be several expansion cards inside the computer that have their external connections neatly arranged in the back of the case. It appears to work as well.

It is a pick-up or local delivery only auction in the London area due to the size of the machine.

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WOW neat find, that is really something else. 10 times cooler than a Bell & Howell. I could film a WarGames remake with just this box LOL
That is an amazing implementation of an Apple II. It makes sense business wise but putting it in a big case with a custom keyboard (and extra apple logos on the drives) seems a bit weird.

Think I was the person who bought this! 




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