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Looking for Apple IIC flat Panel Display model No. A2M4022

Bought me the Apple IIc, now trying to find a Apple IIC flat Panel Display model No. A2M4022 in good condition and working order if you can provide a little direction. I'm already watching ebay. Thanks

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Very very hard to find, especially in good condition. I saw once in an original box on eBay but never again....Keep watching - one will pop up....
Thanks. I found one now, but it is coupled w a IIc and I just bought a IIc. Guess I'll have to buy another one :)
my LCD display, running multiscribe

contrast should be better
the IIc was powered by a battery pack
the contrast was better with net power
Too cool! Love it. Thanks
Got me the flat panel yesterday- just had to buy another IIc to get it :)
Congratulations! I've always wanted one of these screens for my 2c ever since they were released. I've never seen one pop up on, but I keep watching.
Congrats on the quick work!




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