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I have the opportunity to purchase my first "classic" style Mac and only have room for one in my home office. Should I go for a Classic II or an SE/30? I know the SE/30 has more room for RAM but all other specs look the same on paper. I was just wondering if anyone who has experience with these models could give me their opinion on the matter.
My main reason for having one of these is really to just have it, but also I would like to play old games with it.
Any and all opinions are welcome. Thanks!

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SE/30 all the way. The Classic II was a cost-reduced version of the SE/30. They saved money by halving the width of the data bus. Using a Classic II is like using an SE/30 underwater and in slow motion. :)

If they're of the same quality, the SE/30 all the way. The SE/30 is pretty much the apex of compact monochrome Macs. The classic was cheaply made a few years later. You'll also find that the SE/30 will give you more upgrade options down the line if you decide to start tinkering around. Plus the Classic II can be harder to find parts for if you ever need to replace something. Whatever you do, make sure you can have the seller guaranty the caps aren't bad, or else you'll have the option to get money back. If you can, it's also good to be able to see photos or look at the board for leaking caps and battery.
SE/30. More upgrade or replacement part options, better all round.




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