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Macintosh Model is the most desirable to service? |Best\Worst|

I would say the easiest mac to work on so far, (in my opinion)

is the macintosh LC Series.

I Would say my Least favorite mac to work on is a tie between

the G4 iMac and the G4 eMac!

Notes: if you've had to re-place a hard drive in ether you know what i am talking about!

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Replacing the power supply in a watercooled powermac G5
I defiantly agree with the LCD series as being the easiest to work on. You don't get any simpler than that.

I would like to put forward the G4 iBook for being the worst to work on. I had to remove over sixty screws to replace the hard drive. They where all different sizes and a mixture of Torx and cross head as well.

The G4 Mini is no joy as far as getting into it.  Once you get in though, disassembly/assembly is a breeze.  Aside from getting the case apart, I found it fun to work on.  And I actually like that there are no screws for the case.

Ultimately though, I'd say the easiest I've worked on is a Powermac G4 Sawtooth.  Worst I've seen the inside of is an iBook G3 white.

PowerMac G3 Blue & White.

Or, the Macintosh LC 475…




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