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I can't seem to find an option to download all of the MacWorld magazines as one file or at least a bulk download. Do I have to click and download every edition?


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Hello Communications Toolbox ;)

Nope, there's no bulk download link. Spend a couple of minutes with grep and sed and make a list of URLs. :-)  Or download the attached file, then grab Terminal and run this:

for x in `cat ~/Downloads/macworld-dl.txt`; do curl -LO $x; done

In other words, for every line in macworld-dl.txt, fetch the file [write to disk, not stdout; follow HTTP redirects] and shove it in the /Users/{your_username} folder.

Or, if you don't trust random strangers telling you to run Unix commands on your system (good lad), feed the URLs in the attached text file into your favourite download manager.


I am the source of the files on ... they came from  I'd be happy to figure out a way to get them to you in bulk ... for example, if you mail me a USB drive I'd be happy to send it back to you with all the issues on it.  Send me a message to arrange this.

Also, note that the versions on are now behind the ones on; someone has put considerable time into restoring the copies digitally to make them look much nicer and I've updated with the new versions.

Actually I can put them online so they can be downloaded in a zip file (about 8 GB).  Please contact me if you want these.

Thanks for the offer and extra info. I managed to follow Derek's instruction and downloaded them. I just need to find the time to read them. I did notice a big gap in editions in the mid 90's. Any ideas why?

I've had a hard time finding issues from 1996 through 2004.  I think that was just the dark days of the Mac, when Apple's strategy was pretty scattered in the time when Steve Jobs wasn't there, and after he came back but his strategy hadn't fully paid off yet, and interest in Apple waned overall.  I suspect if we were to see the MacWorld subscription numbers, they might show a dip in that time period which would explain the relative scarcity in issues.




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