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Hi Forum. I have been browsing Mac Garden lately and was amazed at all the cool games that are on it. Although, I can not seem to figure out how to make Mini vMac work. When I start it up I get this:                                                                                                               

Then after I press "C" I get a black window. Can you help me out on how to get it started. 

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you need the rom of a mac plus (as explained in the website of mini vmac )

download page
download A2_ROMsCollection_Info.txt &

unzip, read the .txt file to find the mac plus rom
The .txt doent give me any info on how to find it, do I need a mac plus?
reading from A2_ROMsCollection_Info.txt

341-0288-A Widget-10 Controller (677-0108) Z8 Piggyback
341-0289-D Widget-10 Controller
341-0290-B Lisa 2/5 Disk ROM
342-0341-B Mac Plus ROM lo 1985
342-0341-A Mac Plus ROM hi 1985

341-0346 Mac XL Boot ROM Lo
341-0347 Mac XL Boot ROM Hi
341-8003-A Sun Mac XL Disk ROM for 800k drives (from 2/5)
I got those, and I tried dragging them to the mini vMac black screen, but it did not work.
when you do get the rom, make sure is is in the same folder as the Mini vMac application
I wrote a tutorial for Mini vMac. It's in French, though. You can use Google Translate if you wish.
There are links towards ROM ressources.
Mini vMac is great! It's how I run Word 5 for a lot of the stories I write nowadays. My SE/30 finally croaked on me and my 512 has no keyboard :(

It's the only way I have of sharing the magic of the old compact Mac with my girlfriend. Somehow I think it loses something when it's running on my G4's big screen...

Has anybody tried vMac on the iPhone? I got it going and it's pretty darn good!




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