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I took a great picture today, so I wanted to share it! I don't have all of the magazine covers with Steve Jobs on them, but I have most of the substantial ones.


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Great pic. Love the two Macworlds

That's a great collection!

I like the two Wired covers, I had both at one time too.

Nice collection David.

I never seen the last Wired magazine - is the Evil Genius referring to Apple? Does it relate to the "Pray" article in anyway? They looks similar.

Thanks Lim and everyone. The later issue of "Wired" does relate and address many of the negative things that they said in the earlier issue. They basically recant most of the bad stuff, while praising themselves on the advice they gave and that Apple followed (indirectly). I don't remember now why they referred to Apple as "Evil Genius" but the overall article was pretty good.

Derek Warren posted an excellent article after that issue came out, so definitely give that a look -

That's a good read, Derek did a great job.

- also from the 101 ways list...

13. Exploit every Wintel user's secret fear that some day they're going to be thrown into a black screen with a blinking C-prompt. Advertise the fact that Mac users never have to rewrite autoexec.bat or sys.ini files.




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