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Need - System 7.5.3 (or similiar) install floppies or raw disk images

Hello all,

I have a couple old compact macs that I'm looking to get going again.  But, I have no installation media at all.   I bought one of the Big Mess o' Wires floppy emulator, and have successfully booted the computers using a few of the boot disks that were in a raw disk image format - but I have had no luck finding system installation floppy images.

I was sure these would have been easy to find with all of the emulators and whatnot.  At this point, I'd be fine with getting a functional set of actual floppies.  I dont have working  old school mac at this time.   Any ideas?

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If you want actually floppies, there's a guy on eBay that I bought from. The disks are new, the labels are pretty decent, and the price wasn't bad. I can see if I can find the listing for you if you're interested.

 I don't necessarily want the floppies, as I would really like to find disk images to use with the floppy emulator. 

But I suppose if I could find the disks, I could then make images after getting a working system going.  Thanks,

What about getting it straight from Apple here?  Scroll down to the "System Software Downloads" section.

I was about to recommend that as well before I saw that Apple distributes 7.5.x as one giant self-mounting image.

RetroMacCast covered "Rescue My Classic Mac", a small business that sells physical system software disks. Perhaps he'd be willing to provide a disk image service for you.

I tried getting 7.5.3 from the Apple site, but as you mentioned it does just expands to a large installer.  

I was able to scour the internet and found a treasure trove of MacOs disk images, but they are DiskCopy 6.x images and do not appear to work with the Floppy Emu.

I did find a System 7.0 boot image, and that does get the machine going - but not alot more I can do with it from there.

I ended up ordering a set of 7.5 floppies of ebay, so I'll have something to get started with.  Afterwards, I'm going to make some floppy emu friendly images of those disks for future use.

I have all pre-system 9 systems as floppy disc images (Disc copy images as part of the system support discs that Apple issued to technicians) . You used to be able to get this stuff from Macgarden. Paul

Yeah I found a motherload collection of all disk images Pre-OS9.  Just needed to convert from DiskCopy 6.x to 4.2, and did so using a Basilisk II emulator and a shared volume.

My floppy emu seems to get SD read errors half way through first disk of an install, and I think the internal floppy is toast as well.  So, I'm thinking these classics are going to go back into their "eye candy" stage of life. :)




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