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Apparently there is progress/news of a port of Mozilla to OS 9.

Go get some news about Classilla

Thanks to slashdot for posting the news.

Let us know if you try it - and feel free to join the project and keep it going!

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Oh, this is interesting. I've never brought up a computer to the Internet by myself.
I think I will try it with one of my iMacs 350, once they have their new analog boards (already here).
So... you're telling me that I posted a duplicate. Damn, I thought I'd checked too. Thanks for pointing that out though!
It's OK, the more people know about it the better, even if it means having duplicate posts. :-p
Just a heads up, Classilla 9.0.4 coming November 4th, will bring significant updates.
Already in use on my OS9 machines. Works like a charm.
Could not run Classilla on my Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh. It requested more memory :(
Isn't it maxed out to 128MB of physical RAM ? Use virtual RAM !
Oh yeah that's right, I turned it off when installing the Sonnet Card.
No problem ;-)
i used this on all my OS 9 boxes :) mostly used it on my 266mhz iMac G3 and Wallstreet




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