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I have been an Apple fan since 2006 when I got my first computer. Since that I have mainly collected iPods but as of recently, I have turned my attention more to collecting old Macs. At the moment I have only 2 Macs, my original 2006 Macbook and my new 2011 MacBook Air. 

Could anyone give me some advice on Macintosh Collecting? Any advice or recommendations would be appreciate so that maybe I can start my collection soon.


Thanks, Jake

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check your local schools and see if they are phasing out any computers (especially elementary schools) I got 4 of my 7 macs from my shop teacher for free.

Collect what you love, or want to get to know more about.  It'll grow naturally from there.  I got to play with a neighbor's 128k M0001 when he brought it home in 1984.  That experience led me to an interest in the earliest Mac OS design work (see and the early Macs in general, even though I didn't start again until 18 years later.  This isn't really a way to invest/make a lot of money at, so there needs to be that element of love or interest in order to sustain you. 


What kind of advice are you looking for?  Places to find machines (eBay if you're rich and/or impatient, Craigslist if you're not, neighbors' attics if you're lucky)?  Or what to collect (see above)?  Or...?

You can always fasttrack your collection this way: 


Oh my stars and garders!
If I had more space in my small apartment I surely would collect more older Macs. As such I only have 4 laptops (2 of them current MacBook Pro's), one Power Mac G4 tower, a Power Mac 9500 tower and a Mac Plus. Someone recently gave me a fully operational Mac Performa 6360. Best way to collect old Macs is to find free working ones. Ask around... friends, relatives, etc. I was lucky enough to have actually bought a few of these when they were brand new. Just remembered I have a Mac IIsi at my mom's house. Sadly no monitor but I think it still works.

These are great replies. I will definitely start checking my schools and neighbors. I am really interested in older Macintosh machines and never really thought of anything other than eBay. Craigslist sounds like a good idea too, although I'm a college student without a car.

Does anybody have a good idea of a "first machine" I can look for. I was thinking maybe Performa.

Thanks for the replies.

Jake - welcome to the RMC. Being in college shouldn't stop you from joining this insanely crazy group of collectors - so we'd like to donate a few machines to you to kick start your collection. Visit our Facebook page at and send us a private message with your details, and we'll send you over some stuff to get you started (or should us a private message here on the RMC).
Thank you very much. I sent you a RMC friend request with my info (I couldn't find the "Private Message" on the FB page lol).



Well, if you are near Newport News or Hampton VA I know several thrift shops that usually have older Macs lying around.  I usually hit them when I have a job down there.  Oh, did anyone mention checking thrift shops?  Usually they don't have a clue what to do with a Mac.  One shop was selling a Bondi Imac as TV with a DVD player...  just saying.

I have always liked the G4 Cube because it looks so cool.

Ebay prices for a good one are aprox. $150 I think.

That's a great place to start.  Beautiful and functional.  And they don't take up a lot of room, or make a lot of noise!

Just not if you live in Australia.  One sold last week for $510!




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