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I have been an Apple fan since 2006 when I got my first computer. Since that I have mainly collected iPods but as of recently, I have turned my attention more to collecting old Macs. At the moment I have only 2 Macs, my original 2006 Macbook and my new 2011 MacBook Air. 

Could anyone give me some advice on Macintosh Collecting? Any advice or recommendations would be appreciate so that maybe I can start my collection soon.


Thanks, Jake

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I have a large collection,  lots of doubles..   Id def find yourself a mac with a floppy drive so you can easily make system disks and other disk images.     A PCI Mac with Ethernet,  USB PCI Card,  and SCSI will make your day. when it comes to dealing with old systems.  As far as Apple IIs are concerned.  ADTpro is amazing for transferring disk images..  Over a serial link.  Fast easy and effective.  I use ADT to transfer disk images to my IIgs all the time.   If ya have any questions feel free to ask.. Im pushing 70 systems right now in the collection


What I have available right now


Macintosh Quadra 950-  AKA The Beast..  20MB RAM 230MB Hard Drive.. RAM is expandable to 256MB  $100

Macintosh IIci 16MB RAM/500MB HD $75

Performa 6400/180 thats mint.. owners manuals software bundles and all with it. $100

Macintosh Plus 1mb $50

Macintosh SE Dual Floppy 4MB RAM $50

Macintosh Server G3 256MB RAM 9GB UW SCSI Drive $100



Apple II's


2xApple IIe Complete Set Duo Disk/Monitor II..  100 each

1x Apple IIGS ROM 03 Complete setup with 5.25 drive & 3.5 Drive $100


I agree with some of the earlier posts- go for what grabs you. I'm a graphic designer, so my interest in Macs over the years was for my work, but the thing I like most about Macs is their attention to detail. Apple's designers always thought about everything from shape to size, even to the way it feels in your hand. The majority of Macs over the years have been not just computers, but also pieces of art. So, the ones that pull me in are the ones with the most artistic designs- the early iMacs in different flavors, the clamshell laptops, the cube, iMac G4 with it's flat screen and circular base, the early compact Macs, the eMac, some of the current flat screen iMacs, Macbook Air, the iPod. I don't have all of these, but I hope to some day. I'm waiting for the newer ones I don't have to age.


As far as Ebay buying, I find the older ones in working condition safer to buy. There aren't any non-collectors looking for them for general use, so there's less competition in bidding and less incentive to sell a lemon. Good Will is a good place to look. iMacs and eMacs are often priced like monitors because the keyboards get separated from them and the staff doesn't know they're a full blown computer.




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