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Not an issue with a Retro, it's an issue with an iPad on a Retro....

Does anyone else, who accesses The site using an iPad get a bar across the page? It's a Chat bar, and announces the number of members online. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know the fix?



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I get the same bar on my iPhone.
Yes, I get the same thing on my iPad.
I was hoping they would fix that in 4.3.
Would this be an issue with Ning or with the OS? I'm thinking it's Ning not being set up for iMobile devices.

The question really is, who is responsible?  Mobile Safari for not rendering properly or ning's responsibility to work around the weirdness of every mobile device.


(Did I give away my bias?)


Maybe a little. *cough* *Safari* *cough*

The difficulty with this is the concept of "bottom of screen" - Safari doesn't inform the javascript code (that manages the bar) that the window has changed when scrolling.  I guess ning could disable it on mobile safari but ...


I guess I will just have to use my non iOS devices to visit Ning. Bummer, my iPad seems to be faster than my G4 PB, and, it's a little more portable.
It even happens on my Android phone.
It even happens on another browser I purchased from the Apps Store to use on my iPad. So, I guess it's more that just *cough* Safari. It's Ning too. Oh well, I will use my iPad, and Damn the Chat Bar.

Changing browser won't help - they all use the underlying webkit engine in iOS. It is how Ning renders under mobile webkit that's the issue.


You could try using the mobile version of the site - or using the Ning app.



There's an App for that?
Holy Smokes!
Of course there would be an App for that.

I will do that now. Thank you, fellows, for all the info.




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