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Not an issue with a Retro, it's an issue with an iPad on a Retro....

Does anyone else, who accesses The site using an iPad get a bar across the page? It's a Chat bar, and announces the number of members online. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know the fix?



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Ok, using a Ning App now. Must go try it out on the rest of the site and see how it works. What? No text wrapping? 
I can't get the Ning App to work.  It says that you need to be a network creator.  Am I missing something?
I got that too. So, I tried the "iSocial" app, and wasn't that impressed with that one. I guess I'm just sticking to using my browser, and dealing with the bar across the page. Let me know if you find an App that works. If I find one, I'll post it here too.




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