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It is well overpriced, but it comes with extras which includes as far as can be seen a perfect box the imac came in. Just thought I would post it here to let others see it if they have a mind to.

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Looks shiny and new. I love purple! But, I have no more room! Ack!
Overpriced at a current bid of $ 5,50 ? Accidently I saw this item a few hours before; my first thought was "Why am I not in the States ?" Beware of that rookie, they behave unpredictable !
Somebody just torpedoed my plans of getting this one:,

what do you think it's worth ?
Yes, $5.50 for the item, but look at the shipping cost. The total cost makes it over priced. I acquired one for free.
Ooops - didn't see that. It's impudent. Some sellers obtain their profits this way.




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