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I found a listing on Craig's list for an original 1984 Mac that I might be interested in. When I asked about the condition I got this response.

"Well I can tell you for sure that the screen does not come on. It turns on and make the sounds like it is searching for a disk but the screen does not light up. There is a spot for a battery that goes in the back but I do not have that type of battery. It is a 4 volt that looks just like a "AA" battery. I think that it only runs the clock for the computer if I remember correctly. It appears to be in very good shape beyond the fact that it does not turn on. I have all of the original boxes and packaging that it is still stored in. I have the printer, external numeric keyboard, mouse, and regular keyboard as well."

I would be interested in your thoughts about this. What would it take to fix? What should I pay for it? I don't have a lot of experience so I would not buy it unless I have a reasonable chance of getting it working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It could be as easy as the brightness needs to be turned up or as difficult as needing a whole new CRT. I would want to see it in person to see the condition of the case and to verify it is in fact an original Macintosh. If the CRT needs replacing or the analog board, you'll need a donor Mac. If it is in great condition and with all the original packaging, it could be worth close to $500.
Buy it anyway; you'll get something nearly nobody else has.
Depends on what sort of collector you are I'd think. Funny because I actually
found one(M0001) today at a yard sale in the same condition (startup chime, but no display) for $5. That, along with a working 512K for another $5. Both were in those Apple branded 'luggable' cases, with keyboard, mice and even an external 3.5 floppy drive. Needless to say, both came home with me.

That said, had I seen it working (and had the seller had asked more) I'd have probably paid $40-50. But then again I'm a cheap collector. This stuff is worth what it's worth to you.
The value of a 128k or 512k is definitely not 5 to $50...
Of course, we can come accross a good deal in a garage sale or else, but market wise, it's more in the 500 to $1000 range.

My last good find was a Mac Plus in perfect condition with the box for $30. The keyboard alone goes for $80, and the mice about half.
I dont know, a quick search on ebay isn't finding any M0001's for anywhere in that $500-1000 range. If there was, I'd add a listing of my own. :)




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