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This is not a Mac problem, but it's a weird one. Tonight I was heading to bed. Shut down all my apps, put my Mac to sleep for the night, but then I started hearing voices. At first I thought it must be coming from my neighbors house, then I found it was coming from my computer speakers, and it sounded like the "Coast to Coast" radio talk show. I woke up my Mac to make sure that nothing was still running, and not was. I put it to sleep again, and the voices came back. As long as the Mac is awake, the speakers are silent unless the computer is using them. When I put it to sleep again, the radio show comes back. I recorded it on my iPhone, just because I could. And I listened long enough to hear of conspiracies and Roswell and to hear them announce that is was in deed, "Coast to Coast."
Maybe the government is spying on "Coast to Coast" through my computer speakers? Aliens hovering overhead and spying to see if they've been noticed and who is noticing? Someone playing a Halloween prank on me?

If anyone can help me out here with why my speakers are channeling "Coast to Coast" I'd really appreciate the help with an exorcism. And I'm all out of Holy Water, but I do have incense and sage if that will help.

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Do you use WLAN ?
Are that external speakers ?
Roswell is everywhere.
Holy Water will not help against aliens, btw :-)
LOL! True, I'll have to take another tack with the Aliens.

Yes, these are external speakers plugged into the back of the machine, the speakers are Cambridge Soundworks little multimedia speakers with a small subwoofer which is plugged into a power strip. I use a Ethernet router with wireless.
I guess I shouldn't complain, I get radio without having a radio. And "Coast to Coast" is pretty interesting to listen to.
Try a tiny melody, as they did in 'Close Encounters' !
And, I have a tiny Casio keyboard to play it on too!
it sounds like BBC World News....
I've listened to C2C a few times and I recognized the show. Then they actually say it at the end. I had to listen until I was sure, made for a late night.
Your speakers might not be grounded properly and are picking up radio waves
Yeah, I live in an old house and the plug-ins are not grounded. I don't know how to do that. But, I can listen to "Coast to Coast" nightly. (If I put my ear to the speaker) If I can't get rid of it, can I make it louder?

I can see it now, after months of listen to "Coast to Coast" in my sleep, I'll be wearing a tin foil hat, and making a landing pad in my back yard complete with lights, LED of course.

Not that there is anything wrong with that........
Will you find someone to take a photo of that ? :-)
The lenght of the speaker cables may play a role, or the speaker's positioning.
Hi Lars, The speaker cables are about 5 or 6 ft. A friend of mine was thinking that the speaker wires may be acting like an antenna and picking up radio signals.
Yes, this may be the reason.
And now I see there are real problems "viss se 'th' ", as written on my RMC page...
As I am not an experienced radio technician in any way, I cannot tell you more about this.
But using different cables is worth a try.
Isn't it Halloween tonight ? Strange things may happen :-)
I don't know, but keep listening and let us know if you hear any new product rumors!




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