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I have 2 G3-350 B/W and still work with photoshop today

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I Have a Power Mac G3 450mhz. Great Machine!
no one have them? lol

Slow group,  my first Mac was a B&W Powermac G3, ran 10.3, 60 gb hard drive,  1 gig of ram and a 32 MB video card.  Used the Mac for year before I replaced it with Powermac G4  "Yikes" used my G3 parts in the G4. 

Lately I have been thinking about buying another one, having some nice parts to upgrade and max it out.

Hello,I join the group. I own a PowerMac B/W G3 450 Mhz,and his Apple Studio Display 21"

To me,is the most beautiful Mac ever made....

Awesome picture,find out on Google.... A Powermac B/W G3 cluster....


Welcome,  Sounds like you have a nice G3,  I saw the picture you posted, I would not be surprised if they were all tied together to work like one big server. 

Great Picture, Wall of G3, eheheheh

Great Picture, Wall of G3, eheheheh




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