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My iTunes is reporting that the Libsyn feed for the show cannot be found.

I am in the UK, if that is relevant....

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You are correct. Libsyn, our provider, has "upgraded" their services, and in the process, our RSS feed is no more. I haven't been able to resolve this alone, so I'm waiting for them to answer my plea for help. Since yesterday, it has gotten even worse. Now you can't even direct download Episode 152!
I have downloaded the podcast before Libsyn went down
This RSS feed works some of the time. It worked for me in Google Reader but not in iTunes.
Validation of the feed fails on the ampersand between James and John - any chance we could convince you to turn that into an "and" and see if that clears up itunes?
I changed it but that won't fix the iTunes problem. iTunes is still pointed to the old feed which Libsyn deleted.
At least iTunes will take the new feed, but you'll have to subscribe as if it is a new podcast (Advanced:Subscribe to podcast) to this. This won't fix the directory in iTunes which still links to the old feed. Now I need to figure out how to update the iTunes directory before they de-list me. UPDATE: The iTunes directory seems to be working now. Now I need to figure out why the RSS widget on the Ning homepage doesn't work.
The rss 2.0 link on the page is bad too. Whatever stats you had are completely blown and you've got users that aren't going to know what's happened. I've resubscribed directly to the link you gave and got all episodes so I'm kinda fixed up but that doesn't fix everyone.

For good measure and "for now", if you want to listen to Retro Mac Cast on iTunes, subscribe to this feed:

Of course this is all until libsyn decides to "fix it" again.
Fortunately my stats have been preserved. Yes, it is a pain that everyone will have to switch to the new feed, but other than that we're back in business. I still have no idea why the RSS widget doesn't work.
OK, having changed my subscription url in iTunes, it is this morning reporting that the new url cannot be found.

James, what has Libsyn support said about this frankly terrible level of service?
It certainly is a roller coaster ride. One day it works, the next day it doesn't. I'm in e-mail communication with them trying to resolve this.
We're glad that you guys haven't given up your day jobs. Libsyn sure seems to be doing it's best to thwart you.

Are they PC guys? You'd think linux guys would be at least sympathetic...
It appears that the "normal" itunes podcast feed has been straightened out. Hopefully people aren't having any troubles with it except that they might have been presented with all the episodes as new.




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