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I have an odd PowerBook 2300c power issue. I'm not an electrical engineer, so I'm a bit clueless. The 2300 powers on and works fine when plugged into most outlets. However, it won’t power on at all when plugged into other outlets.

Example 1: my bathroom outlet has a grounded (let's not lie about bathroom laptop usage lol), protected GE device connected to it since it’s near the sink, this will sort of get power to the laptop, I can almost hear it powering the system, but it won’t boot.

Example 2: I just brought the 2300 into an ad agency to show off the old Adobe apps for some of the designers. I plugged it into their desks built in power strips, which I'm thinking are specially grounded, but not 100% sure, and it don't seem to be getting power at all.

I've tested the 2300 on normal outlets around my apartment without issue, and my PowerBook 165, 520, and 540 work great on the bathrooms outlet.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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Just a small update: I noticed after he if it plugged in at the ad agency for awhile that the bottom of the 2300 was getting hot. It still wouldn't power on.
Just an update. I toggled the power button on the back of the duo a few times yesterday, and now it seems to be working with every outlet I plug it into. I hope this isn't a sign of early failure!




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