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I think everyone is aware of Macs appearing on Seinfeld, but lately I've been watching an old show that has a lot o retro Mac appearances, Dawson's Creek. In particular, Season 4 episode 15 shows the computer room at their school. It has a Lime iMac, a G3 desktop model and some others. Throughout the first couple of seasons we often see iBook clamshells and various colored iMacs. I ended up watching episodes of this show when it was added to the Crackle line up. I was curious because I watched the one season of The B--- in Aprtment 23, which co-starred James Van Der Beek as himself. I'd never watched Dawson's Creek before. Part of the fun has been seeing all these retro Macs being used on the show.

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That's pretty cool :)

I remember the 1st season of Star Gate SG1 featured tuxedo laptops.. Wallstreets or Pismos I think.




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