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It is hard to believe I registered on this forum 6yrs ago and sort of lost track of it and the retro mac hobby has sort of taken a back seat but I have put more focus in it recently and my excitement is as strong as can be.  

I recently found an SE/30 on craigslist for $100 and it was in working condition (great buy right).  I bought it and saw it running when I picked it up so didn't think much of it.  When I got it home I again turned it on and started to look what was there.  It turns out this machine had not been used since 1994.  A persons life from that era was still just as they left it.  I was really geeked out by the thought of that and that something could have made it so many years later.

Has anyone ran into a similar situation and if so what ethical decisions did you make, did you try to contact previous owner?  I was in disbelief and wanted to see if I could track down the owner from 1994 but after brief search I had no luck and it appears they may be around 75yrs old now....graduated 1962.  I was also floored that the person left their data on it unless they passed away and it just sat for many years.  A biography was on there of the owner and he was in the Army, had a top secret security clearance, worked for AT&T, Bell Labs, IBM in their very early beginnings......someone that would be very interesting to chat with.

Like what happens in the movies after 30 minutes the machine had distorted video down the center, 3 sections.  I have researched and looks like it could be battery, caps, or who knows what else. I have not cracked one of these open before but maybe considering sending the board off to get re-capped since I got a deal on this machine. I had no idea it had not really been in service for all of these years or I would have not turned it on and taken more and learn.

Would I be able to take the HD out and put it in an LC and it boot right up, it is on OS 6.0.5. There is a great story behind this machine and I would really like to see if the original owner is still alive but it looks like it will take much more digging.

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Yes, I've found many like this.  People leave their tax info,SSN, address books, email folders etc on the HD.  Oh, heck I found one computer that had a company's business records, including tax data for the past 15 years!  I usually try to contact the person and send along a copy of the article I wrote for my company newsletter on the proper way of preping a computer for sale, donation or recycling.  I also inform them my intention to run a military grade HD scrubber on it, where I can. 


You have to remember 20 years ago, people just didn't think that much about ID theft.  The average person STILL doesn't think about it until it bites them on the buttocks.



Hey, thanks for the response.

Yes I did not think about the times being greatly different and people just did not worry about the things like we do now. I have had no luck at finding the person (William A. Kent, or Catherine Grossi) of Hillsborough, CA. I see he had a company registered as well that now looks inactive.

My current task is to try to get the motherboard repaired and see if I can get the machine going again.....I love the history of it all and will probably just leave it sit as is......maybe for another 20 years.




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