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Hi all,

my beloved PowerBook G4 is getting older and older but it still fits my needs perfectly. I love it especially for the ability to boot OS9 / OSX and running Tiger 10.4 more than decent. (it is a 800 MHz TiBook with 1 Gig of RAM)


Anyway, still I'd love to replace the internal HDD with an SSD. It still has the original 40 GB HDD inside from 2002. Yeah, that's like 10 years and when thinking about it I get a bit nervous ;-) I'm saving my data to an external HDD but still, I'd like to replace it to avoid frustrating moments.


Unfortunately I somehow missed the SSD train it seems. Didn't pay attention to it yet, but I've read enthusiastic reports of people who have SSDs running in their old macs. That said, I'd like to place a SSD into my PowerBook G4 as well. (hoping it will also reduce weight, noise and heat...)

Anyway, I'm not into the topic like I stated so I'm wondering what kind of adapter I'll need for that?

Anything particular I should pay attention to when buying? (manufacturer, size, capacity, ... )


Anything particular I should pay attention to when doing the "operation" ?

What about the speed loss over time? I read an article on that about 2-3 years ago. The author stated that flash HDDs deteriorate during time and they get a lot slower the longer you use them. Has this problem been solved ?


Like I said, I really appreciate any information (also, hyperlinks to guides etc.). Thanks in advance!



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The PowerBook G4 uses an ATA hard drive, which is very different from SATA (Serial ATA) hard drives commonly used today. So you will need to find a ATA SSD drive, sometimes referred to as IDE or PATA (Parallel ATA). The ATA drives have 44 pins which connect to a ribbon cable in the PowerBook.


Kingspec do number of PATA IDE SSD drives, which can be fond on eBay. Try searching for "PATA IDE SSD".


I have not tried these myself, but as long as the interface is correct it should work.

You can get instructions on how to change the hard drive from

Thank you Paul. That was helpful. I'm going to order a 32 GB Kingspec SSD today. It's 90 Euros here (roughly 130 US $)


Will report about the results :)

well got the SSD a few days ago and finally found the time to put it into my TiBook 800 Mhz. However, having some trouble getting it to work. While the replacing part was no problem, it won't boot from the SSD. Unfortunately the TiBook's CD-ROM drive seems to be a goner, so I have to rely on target mode via firewire (and a PowerMac G5 with 10.4.11, my main machine)


1. started up in target mode

2. SSD is correctly shown on the desktop as external hdd

3. opened disk utility and reformatted it from MS-DOS to MacOS extended (incl. installing OS 9 drivers)

4. partitioned the drive into two paritions of equal size (roughly 15GB), one for OS9 and one for OSX

5. Cut on the external hdd with the backup of the previous hdd of the TiBook

6. dragged the OS9 folder onto the os9 partition

7. used the utility superduper to restore the osx backup to the osx partition

8. disconnected all, started up the TiBook

9. It only shows the feared "?", not booting


Any ideas? Don't tell me TiBooks that old don't support SSDs...

I was able to use a compact flash ram adapter inside my 500mhz TiBook. It worked fine for a couple of years. I simply retired the TiBook when the video board power supply failed for the 2nd time. I never hit the read/write cycle limit on the compact flash. I was not running any virtual memory.


The compact flash was x266 transcend. Turns out that is as fast as the ide bus could go anyway. I was using a 16GB stick. No reason you couldn't spring the big money and wind up with about 32MB of compact flash powered TiBook. The old Tibook was notably faster with the "solid state" drive. Some of this is from my own memory so I could have made some mistakes, but I'm pretty sure I have it all right.



Good luck with the SSD TiBook!


You don't mention what style of partitioning you selected - Master Boot Record, Apple Partition Map, or GUID?  Only the Apple Partition Map will work to boot your TiBook natively into OS9.

Hi, did you ever get the SSD to work? I'm tempted to buy one on ebay for my Powerbook G3. I don't want to pay for the OWC Legacy Pro as the smallest one they have in stock is $150, way too much for this machine. I'd only need 32-40 GB. Thanks!

MacOS 9 is not coded in a way that allows it to boot from an SSD, only CF. Mac OS X should work.

Hey all!

I bought the KingSpec 64 GB PATA SSD from Amazon. It works great. I'm sure OWC's SSDs are better, but I can say the difference on my old PowerBook G3 "Pismo" really helped it. The Finder is now usable, and the over all system was a little nicer. Keep in mind it's not a mind blowing difference, but a difference for sure. Next, I'm looking into getting the G4 upgrade, then my Pismo will be maxed out.

I haven't tried booting OS 9 just to see, just 10.4 and Linux PPC Mint.

Just an update. I've moved most of my old Macs to a solid state drive of some type. SCSI2SD, CF to ATA, SD to IDE or ATA, and true ATA SSDs, just to name a few.

I love the SCSI2SD!




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