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Hello, I'm looking for some advice, or suggestions on what might be wrong with my TAM. I notice, at shut down, File Save was unable to save it's file due to errors. I figured I would get to it after Christmas, but then after Christmas I started the TAM and the screen came up for a second, then went dark. When I start it, I get the chimes as normal, then I hear the CD spin, and the fan come on, but the screen does not come up. I unplugged and hit the reset button on the logic board, and removed the Sonnet card. Also, I can't start up from a CD, same thing happens. I got out my Pismo to start it in Target Disc mode, but then had a "Duh" moment when it hit me there is no Firewire on the TAM.

I'm going to take it apart, scheduled for tomorrow. I'm wondering if the problem sounds like the logic board? Any suggestions, other than make it a planter, would be appreciated.



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Ok, the hard drive is not repairable, so far. I've tried Disk repair, Drive Genius, and Disk Warrior and none of these are able to repair, rebuild, or reformat. So, it seems the hard drive was, at least, one of the major problems.

Next, I'm taking apart TAM 2, and swapping the floppy drive and installing the upgrades from TAM 1.
You should be able to at least see the folder with a question mark without a drive even plugged into it. If it doesn't show anything without the drive plugged in, then I don't see the hard drive causing the no boot/blank display.
As far as I know only Intel Macs can boot from USB, so that won't be an option here. If you can replace the hard drive with another IDE, that should work fine.
I am betting that finding a IDE PowerBook drive that is 4 Gig or less is going to be more difficult that taking apart the TAM.
Searching for 2gb 2.5 ide on ebay there was a listing for a Fujitsu, buy it now $10 with free shipping. I'm pretty sure it doesn't need to be an Apple drive.
Fantastic. I'll check it out now. Thanks!!
one of my Tams have a 80 GB HD working fine

first partition : 2 GB
second partition : 18 GB
third partition : 60 GB
This is good news. I would love to keep a good amount of music on my TAM and a large drive would be a bonus.
How long have you been using the large drive without any problems?
How long have you been using the large drive without any problems?
since 2006 until now

I would love to keep a good amount of music on my TAM
use an airport express and airtunes, on a tam only mp3 is possible,
with airtunes Apple Lossless-, AIFF-, WAV- and AAC-files .....
Using Flash Memory

Look for cards that support UDMA (Ultra Direct Memory Access, a.k.a. "Fixed Disk Mode")

compatibility with Mac OS 7.6.1, 8.1, 8.6, and 9.1.
CF Hard Drive Adapter

didn't tested it
I would think so, if the problem were only the hard drive, I would have gotten the "?" folder at least but I didn't. I think I have a RAM problem. When I put the RAM back into the other TAM it started up with the same issue that the first machine had. But after swapping out RAM from the two different machines, and hitting the 'reset' button after each swap I finally got all the RAM to show up. I don't know if it will last, it sounds like the RAM may be faulty.
Don't do that !
You'll never ever have a chance to take it apart again without complicated de-soldering!




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