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Hello, I'm looking for some advice, or suggestions on what might be wrong with my TAM. I notice, at shut down, File Save was unable to save it's file due to errors. I figured I would get to it after Christmas, but then after Christmas I started the TAM and the screen came up for a second, then went dark. When I start it, I get the chimes as normal, then I hear the CD spin, and the fan come on, but the screen does not come up. I unplugged and hit the reset button on the logic board, and removed the Sonnet card. Also, I can't start up from a CD, same thing happens. I got out my Pismo to start it in Target Disc mode, but then had a "Duh" moment when it hit me there is no Firewire on the TAM.

I'm going to take it apart, scheduled for tomorrow. I'm wondering if the problem sounds like the logic board? Any suggestions, other than make it a planter, would be appreciated.



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What? Don't take apart what? de-soldering? I was just taking apart the TAM I had in the closet and swapping out the floppy drive. The one from the closet is is great cosmetic shape, but not upgraded, and had a bum floppy. So, I'm swapping things out.
Ok, put one back together, at first it didn't start up! Ugh! Did the same thing. Then RAM cards were giving me problems, showing up, then not. Now, all is good again. Now I just need to upgrade from 8.6 to 9.1 so I can use my Sonnet upgrade card, then try to put the other TAM back together.
What I understood was changing the processor.
Great you have two of them for your restorations and I hope they will end in a success.
Anyone know what a "Unicode Converter" is? I have my TAM running, upgraded with Sonnet 500 mhz card that I was using in my other TAM, and the TAM keeps freezing, and now it wants a Unicode Converter that it says is missing and it's asking me to restart with the install CD. I did a finder search of the hard drive and the 9.0.4 install disks and can not find a Unicode Converter. Pretty much to the only things I've done since putting in the floppy drive and the other cards is to download iCab, and Classilla, neither of these will run without freezing the TAM. ARG! I'm almost ready to reformat the hard drive and start over. Yep, getting a little frustrated.
That would be the Unicode Converter INIT (erm.. 'Extension') from your System CD. :-) It's probably inside one of the OS 9 installer packages (i.e., inside an archive with many other files) so maybe it's time for a re-install or a clean install. Or, see if you can snag it from another OS 9 machine. I would offer you a copy if I had such a thing. :\
Thanks Derek, I will take a look for that. I have a few machines with OS 9 that I can scrounge. If not, I'm just going to do a clean install and start again. Yep, just took a peek at the Extensions folder, it is indeed missing. I did a search of the OX 9 disk and came up with nothing also. Time for a clean install I guess.
Ok, did a clean install of OS 9.0.4 with Language pks and a few languages. Then tried to upgrade to OS 9.1 and it would not let me since I installed the language kits. So, I had to do another clean install and no languages, then upgrade to 9.1. Next is the Sonnet card. Hey, "Software Update" still works on OS 9. Who'da thunk it?




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