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What is the best way to transfer file between my MacBook Air running Snow Leopard (soon Lion) and my PowerMac 7200 running Mac OS 9?



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I find FTP works well, but this will be dropped in lion.
That's the problem. :(
Apple has always been ruthless in turning its back on what came before, starting with the Apple-1.  There are usually bridges for one or two releases of hardware or software - but after a while, those bridges get burned.  This may be another point where you are going to need to have an intermediary machine that can talk down and up between these eras.
Like what type of machine and what method to use?

I have an OS 10.3 machine that can talk AppleTalk all the way down to my Macs running OS6, 7, and 9.  Then I can use native Finder-based drive sharing between it and a 10.6 machine.  Hopefully that'll still be able to bridge to 10.7, though I'm less sure why I will want iOS-like functionality of Lion in a desktop form factor.


On the other hand, after a bout of using my iPad... I do end up trying to touch the monitor when moving back to a desktop. :-)

Oh, 10.3. I don't even have machines that can run these anymore.


My main aim is to let my PowerMac get files from Macintosh Garden web site, but IE and iCab chokes on this site.

As you learned from your IIgs experience - you should never get rid of an Apple product.  You may need it again someday. :-)

If I never get rid of an Apple product, I will have close to a hundred right now and no place for my 3 kids to sleep. :)


Now I still have a few - including 2 Apple IIGS - and all are set up and ready to go!

You could always use TCP/IP.  I like it because you can see the MacBook Air hard drive on your 7200 and transfer away.  It's a little slow I guess but it's what I prefer.  As long as you have the IP of your MacBook Air you're good to go.

I tried, probably because my PowerMac uses 9.1 (not 9.2.2), it always failed to connect when I tried IP like


Not sure how to upgrade to 9.2.2 from 9.1, since I don't have the install CD anymore.

Sounds like you may need a "bridge" Mac as a go between OS 9 and Snow Leopard; say Tiger or earlier.  If you have one, make sure you enable AppleTalk File Sharing on both Macs. 


Note: Fetch version 4.0.3 is the last one that will work under "Classic" OS and version 5.6 works on anything 10.3.9 or later.  It is an FTP app for Mac.  (


There is a way to upgrade to 9.2.2 from 9.1, but it require you to use OS9Helper tools provided ( and 9.2.x isn't that stable on non-supported models.  Once you get there, you can ditch AppleTalk and just enable "Share over TCP/IP enabled" on that box. 


NOTE: There is an issue/limitation with OS 9's Finder and "Big File Transfers".  To fix this, make sure you put the files either in a disk image or a compressed file format, like Stuffit (.sit) or Zip file (.zip). 


73s de Phreakout. 


PS: Try also "NetaTalk for OS X; v2.2.1 should work under Snow Leopard and Lion (




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