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Hello,first of all,excuse me,for my not too good english...

I've an old,but in good shape,Apple G3 keyboard. Unfortunatly,on this keyboard,pressing some keys...they leave wrong letter. I.E. if I press, "W" key,it leave "Z". I'd like to try a reparir....but,I've never open a Apple G3 keyboard.... Someone,told me,that I must simply pull out the key,grabbing it with my fingers... But I'm not too shure..

Thank you very much for any kind of suggest. Greetings from Italy

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Hello and welcome to you in Italy.
That's an interesting keyboard looks like the 'W' and 'Z' keys have been switched.

That will work... I have a G3 keyboard like yours that I just tried it on, but use a small flathead screw-driver or lever instead. It's much easier than fingers :)

Are you sure you don't just need to switch keyboard layouts? :-)  QZERTY is not a very common keyboard layout outside of Italy; try switching your system to QWERTY instead and see what happens.

Here's the most likely situation:

You live it Italy (Italia), the classic Italian keyboard is QZERTY, however some computer makers (maybe all of them) use QWERTY now, because it's what has become popular in America. I think your keyboard came with QZERTY. All you have to do is switch the keys or change your keyboard layout. What Operating System are you using?

More information:

They keys aren't hard to change, they just pull out as far as I remember, usually from the left side. Do a Google search for instructions in Italian if you need to.

Please let me know if you need any more help.

Thanx to everybody,for kindly and fast suggets!!

@ Derek: how I could do,to switch system in QWERTY? My iMac G3 Indigo,was just upgraded to Mac OS X 10.4

For OS 10.4 it's in System Preferences / Personal settings - International / Input Menu tab, scroll down to your keyboard.

Thank you very much Dave!




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