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So the other day I had a random thought pop into my head.  I suddenly remembered two games that I played during my misspent youth on the school's Apple IIs.  Unfortunately I can't for the life of me remember the names of these games.  They were either straight text adventures (Infocom style) or they may have had some simple graphics to them as well.  

In one of the games, you were dropped on this weird island, and had to defend yourself against a vampire and a werewolf. I seem to recall you could find a gun as well as silver bullets, and you could use those to off the werewolf.  And aliens were somehow involved as well.

The other game started out feeling kind of like the intro sequence to a James Bond movie.  You were in a plane and someone was trying to kill you, they shot the pilot and destroyed the airplane controls, so you had to jump out of the plane before it crashed.  Then you ended up in a hospital where a crazy homicidal nurse was trying to kill you, and you had to escape from that.  And I remember there were two names associated with the games (character names?) "MELTON" and "NOTLEM".

If anyone knows which games I'm talking about I would really like to know.  Better yet, if you could provide a place where one could download them, that would be even better :)  (not sure if copyright is involved, although I suspect that these games are by now considered "abandonware" which I believe is now exempt from copyright).

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Scott Adams' "The Count" might be a possibility for the first one...

Note, there is no legal status of "abandonware" - it is simply a fanciful wish that we all participate in owing to the fact that there's no monetary incentive for the lawyers to chase us off.  Yet.

I remember that second game! Secret Agent: Mission 1, according to The author of that post seems to have access to a copy of it.




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