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I'm looking for a utility that will change the desktop background
upon a certain time period. I'd like to set it up for using photos from
one folder and then change them e.g every day, every week etc. Sure, I
could do it manually - but I'm lazy :)

Does such a program exist for Mac OS 9? Any suggestions?

As always, thanks in advance for your help :)

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There is at least one, but I do not remember its name this moment.
A real RAM-eater it was... It worked with System 7 already.
Ah, 'Desktop Textures 2.1' created these squares of 64 x 64 pixels max., and there will be someone here to help.
There is a 'Texture Randomizer', but I guess it cannot change the desktop when your computer is running.
But it is not really what was on my mind.
Hei ! Du bist ja in Deutschland (im weiteren Sinne).
Ja, Weizenbier macht träge.
Aber es gibt so'n Programm, das weiß ich.
Über welche Maschine schreiben wir ?
If you turn off the desktop in the Appearance control panel, you can use Décor to display a desktop picture. It requires 2 MB of RAM, a 68030 or PowerPC and System 7.1. It has options to dither, tile, scale, stretch and rotate through a folder after a set period of time either in order or randomly. It even supports a time delay for lower end machines. It is fully capable of displaying even the 2560x1600 images that come with OS X, though at the expense of a large chunk of RAM. (That's probably relative: 4 MB for the default OS 10.5 background.)
That's it !
The picture is loaded into the system's RAM.
@ Lars Ja, das ist schon das mediterrane Flair hier in Oberbayern ... die gewisse Trägheit im orbis catholicus ;-)

@ Gavin Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for! It works awesome on my iMac G3 with OS 9.2.2, thanks a lot.
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Allerdings liegt ja noch das überwiegend protestantische Hessenland in der Gegend herum
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