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Wanted: collectible condition Macs & Apple memorabilia

The title sums it really.

In addition, I'm particulary looking for an excellent condition PowerBook 100 and all related accessories- original box would be great too, if you have it!

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Ask me in about ten years and I'll have tons of stuff for you!  Good luck with your quest!  I don't believe I've seen a PowerBook 100 with original box so that will be tough.
I am currently selling off my Mac collection. Some of the machines are posted here on RMC, but I have also inherited a few more machines since. I have(off the top of my head) 4. g3 i macs, 3. biege g3 desktops(2 400mhz, 1 300mhz) 1 Mac Classic II, 1. Mac Plus, 2. 660(1,AV) 1. 610., 1. 7200/120, 1 IIgs(bad power supply) various Hard Drives, Floppy Drives, about 14 ADB Keyboards. a few mice. 2. image writer printers( 1 looks new) 2. laser writer 300(both have toner and are functional and I have 1 new in box toner) 1 personal laser writer (functional) and many more items I can't remember.

Thanks for letting me know, Brad. I'll check out and see if I can find them here. Do you have the "Bondi" g3 imac? Let me know in the meantime I'll see if I can find your listings.





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