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Lately auto makers have "retro-designed" cars.  For example the new Camaro  has stylings from the original, as does the Dodge Charger.  Which Macs would be nice to see again?  I'd like a refreshed Tangerine iBook.  Or a Powerbook 100 with a tight little wide screen display too.  That would be nice.

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I had a '79 Camaro - it has nothing to do with the new model.
I'm referring to the original, late sixties Camaro which was shorter and heaftier.
How about a Quadra 700 - there really is a need for a small tower.
Totally agree, we need a small tower. Plus I have wanted a Quadra 700 since seeing Jurassic Park when I was like 12, since I didn't have 6000$ laying around back then I never got one...

The 700 is a IIcx, turned 90 degrees.
I had the IIcx when I was a kid and it never looked as good turned vertically, I set it up that way thinking I could fool myself into believing it was a Quadra, it never worked.
The 700 is a IIcx, turned 90 degrees.
IIcx 16 MHz or IIci 25MHz, both 68030

Quadra 700, a lot better, processor 68040, FPU integrated

it was my first 'pro' mac for 3D CAD ( Archicad 3),
two displays, a 21" apple two page and a 14" Color High Res RGB,
penplotter A0-oversize Houston DMP-62

all still working
the only picture i have of the configuration ( 1991 - part of a polaroid )

the quadra 700 horizontal as stand for the RGB monitor

the 'thing' in the middle : a Panasonic LF1500E, SCSI H/H 5.25 650MB PD/ CDrom - SCSI case Mass,
read/write : 1 speed
for backups
650MB was huge....
What I meant was the case, not the processor.




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