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I would like everyone's help in determining where the significant Apple museums and collections are. I know both James and John have a nice collection, but who else stands out these days? There was a recently opened Apple museum in Moscow, but are there other ones out there? Where?

Please help. Just post here as to where are the -

large dedicated Apple collections

large dedicated mac collections

actual Apple museums (private or public)

actual Mac museums (private or public)



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Thanks Andrey,

I had yours on my list already! Your museum just may be the preeminent one that is open to the public.

Best, David

Great! A big thank you for this Andrey! Excellent lead, and I will email Adam Rosen too.

Best, David

There must be over 150 Macs dotted around my house now if you want to add me to the large collections Iist.

I would love to have the space to open a museum.

David,  as noted above I've listed a bunch of Mac Museums and Collections (including my own) on the Vintage Mac Museum blog:

Mine is already listed on Adam Rosen's page as "Jason's Office Collection (Detroit, US)", but here are a couple links to the Mac Observer article and my occasionally updated blog:

I have in the neighborhood of 85 computers, about 66 Mac's, 7 Apple's II's, and around a dozen other assorted computers.




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