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Dear friends,
this is to announce that WhyOSX, a top contributor on this forum and a dear friend of mine died 13th Aug. 2010. All who knew him personally will always remember his intelligent sense of humour and a brilliant skill in pointing at the bizarre in those things we all consider "normal". Lars was a biologist, photographer and collector of all sorts of things most of us would never consider collectibles until confronted with his collections: 1970ies pocket calculators, figurines of tapirs (very hard to get, actually) but what I liked best was his collection of shopping-notes that people throw away around groceries. We once spent a whole evening just discussing the little stories they tell (toast, eggs, onions, vinegar, toilet-paper, bleach, q-tips, AA cells)
Farewell Lars - see you in collector's heaven


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Wow, that's horrible. He was very active on our site and his contributions will be missed.
R.I.P Lars! :(
Oh no. :( I'm extremely sorry to hear this news—may he rest in peace. Our best to his family as well.
me and Lars always had great conversations going back and forth on RMC. as Kalamake said the had a great sense of humor.
We'll all miss you.
I m very sorry to hear such sad news.

It's a loss, for all of us.
That's awful. I'm sure everyone here will miss him, as he was so active on the forums and commenting on peoples photos.

I exchanged many emails with him and counted him as a friend. May he rest in peace.
He will be missed
Doh.. I was listening to the podcast when I heard the sad news yesterday. Rest in Peace, Lars!
R.I.P. Lars. I didn't know until now...
I didn't have internet at the time of Lars passing, so I just found out tonight.  He commented on some of my photos, and posts.  All ways seemed like a very nice guy!  Sad to hear that anyone has passed on, but particularly someone that affected so many.  It sounds like Lars affected so many here on RMC!  He will be missed.
i did not know him personaly but seemed nice best of wishes for his family and friends R.I.P Lars




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