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Dear friends,
this is to announce that WhyOSX, a top contributor on this forum and a dear friend of mine died 13th Aug. 2010. All who knew him personally will always remember his intelligent sense of humour and a brilliant skill in pointing at the bizarre in those things we all consider "normal". Lars was a biologist, photographer and collector of all sorts of things most of us would never consider collectibles until confronted with his collections: 1970ies pocket calculators, figurines of tapirs (very hard to get, actually) but what I liked best was his collection of shopping-notes that people throw away around groceries. We once spent a whole evening just discussing the little stories they tell (toast, eggs, onions, vinegar, toilet-paper, bleach, q-tips, AA cells)
Farewell Lars - see you in collector's heaven


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i never talked to you but RIP its always sad when geeks dies :(

I have been away for some time, I just stopped by his page to say Howdy, and catch up. I'm so very sad to loose him. He was smart, and fun to chat with. What a huge loss. My sympathies to his friends and family. 




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