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Hey All,
Just a quick reminder to vote for our favorite innovator, Mr. Steve Wozniak and his partner, Karina Smirnoff. They did a great job tonight, but they got the lowest score of the evening. 13/30. He didn't dance badly, though. The dance was actually pretty good for a 50-something year old, fat nerd (no offense in any way.) You can vote here.

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I normally don't watch reality TV of any sort (the news included) but I must admit I watched part of this. Although Woz may not have danced the best, he looked like he was having fun, and I think that's cool.
I watched the dance on YouTube. I thought he did a decent job, and had fun with it. And what an awesome attitude! He was just giddy to be there.
You gotta love Woz's attitude throughout the whole thing. Yes, it was hilarious, but he's just doing it for fun! He's a jokester himself, so anything the panel says to him should just roll off him like nothing. I loved his replies to them. :-)




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