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I've got my Touch loaded down with a bunch of apps now. Almost three screen fulls of apps. I'm just curious what people's favorite apps are for the iPhone / iPod Touch?

My favorite game is Othello. Very addictive, I passed hours playing that game both on the Atari 2600 and now on the Touch.

I like having Twittleator / Twitterrific on my Touch, I'm trying to decide which is better. One neat app I found is Epocrates RX, which is a prescription guide for the Apple mobile devices. While it's more geared towards professionals it does have quite a bit of useful info even for consumers, like how much one would need to shell out for the medicine, side effects, and even pictures of the pills.

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In order of time spent using them, here are some of my top apps (of around 70 installed!)

1. NetNewsWire
2. Facebook
3. Loopt
4. Fire Words
5. eBay
6. Mobile News
7. EA Sudoku
8. iDrops
9. BoxOffice
10. Othello
1. DataCase
2. Spore Origins
3. Pandora
4. AOL Radio
6. Apple Remote
7. Aurora Feint
9. Twitelator
10. Spinner Free
I've adjusted my most-used screen to have:

1. OmniFocus
2. NetNewsWire
3. Facebook
4. Loopt
5. eBay
6. AIM
7. Air Sharing
8. Bloomberg
9. Twinkle
10. LinkedIn
11. Mobile News
12. OneTap
13. WeatherBug
14. Wikipanion
15. Zenbe

The first four are in priority order - the rest in alphabetical to quickly find them.
Monkey ball, Facebook, Apple Remote, Koi Pond, Pandora, and Tap Tap are all awesome!
After hearing about this mixup at an Iowa pharmacy, I'm really glad that I have the pharmacy app on my iPod Touch now. If I had kids and needed to give them medicine I think I'd be looking at pictures of the pills prior to giving them any.
Sim stapler and Tris.
bomberman crash break classic
my favorite apps are lemon aid stand and vnc
And now we have the Pull My Finger application. I've got to show that to my brother some time!




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