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The ipod touch/iphone is a great device but it does have some shortcumings

The top five things I would love to see in the iPhone/iPod touch:


2: the iTunes visualizer

3: support for Internet radio built in

4: better battery life

5: flash player

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The top five things I would love to see in the iPhone/iPod touch:

1: COPY AND PASTE --- Please, please, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2: the iTunes visualizer --- Hmmm Think I would rather have the ability to switch back and forth with the last application used with one touch or gesture.

3: support for Internet radio built in --- would be nice but i'd settle for a good stable app for that.

4: better battery life --- I usually get a couple of days of good usage now on my touch I know that the iPhone uses batteries faster. Longer battery life would be nice. I mostly listen to pod casts, audio books ( Ya for and reading books and documents.

5: flash player --- For video I'd prefer to have the sites offer H.264 files like YouTube does. I'm betting Flash if and when it does come to the IP and IPT will be a real resource hog. I can live with out the Flash advertizments clogging the tubes.

• I wish for more app that would let you use the keyboard in landscape mode. Much easier to type then.

• Before I'd buy a iPhone I want to see voice dialing.

• One day I'd love to see an external keyboard like I have had for my Palm and Sony PDAs. Writing is a big part of my life and work. Being able to use a folding Stowaway keyboard when on the road would be killer.

OK, so I've got an Epson Stylus C86 Printer hooked up to my Airport Extreme Base Station and setup for wireless print serving. With that in mind, I wish for the iPhone/iPod Touch to be able to allow printing on a wired/wireless network. If I can get on the Internet wirelessly with my iPod Touch, then I should be allowed to send print jobs to my Epson from my iPod. Wake up, Apple!




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