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I have a Performa 6400/200 running OS 7.6

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For my main machine i use a PowerPC 8100/100 which is running System 7.5.1
I've got a 5400/180 (which used to be a 5200 but I upgraded it with a 6400 motherboard), and a PowerMac 4400/200. The 5400 runs OS 9.1 and the 4400 has both OS 8.1 and BeOS 4 installed. Currently they're both sitting under a desk not getting used but I would really like to get them set up again as they're both great machines.

The 5400 was an upgrade project of mine a few years ago and for a while was my main computer, with the full 128MB RAM, L2 cache, 4GB hard drive and a video in card.
Your 5400 should have 136MB (8+64+64) other than a 6/5500 with a maximum of 128 ?
Thanks for the correction, it does indeed have 136MB. I forgot about the 8MB on the motherboard!
Go for a 6500's board - that will show you millions at 832x624 or thousands at 1024x768 but tiny icons. Or this monitor's standard 640x480 which I prefer because the TV window is limited to that size.
My concern is why neither a 5400's board nor a 6500's do work together with the 5200's TV card ?
I found out - the A/V-card is the reason. BTW, the 5500 can get an easy install of 9.0 by using original installer CDs designed for a G4 - both have ATI-graphics (the 5500 as onboard). And these Performa/PPCs have the capability of recording radio to audiofiles (one hour is about 100 megs only - got a 40GB in that) as well as videorecording in small windows - what a marvellous computer ! And I got two in short succession (a 225 was instantly upgraded to 275 MHz). WOW !
I will present better photos on my page some other day,
My everyday computer is a 5400/180 with everything. 19,4GB maxtor HD, 136 MB, L2 256k, USB 2slot, TV, external video card, built-in but external zip (connected via USB), an external burner (Teac CD-R56S4), external HD (Conner CFP 4207S 4.28GB), iomega jaz 2GB, Syquest 200MB and Microtek ScanMaker II. Two keyboards (Apple Keyboard II, Apple Design Keyboard, Wacom ArtPad. The external 17"-monitor is shared with a G3/233 or a (sorry for this) PC. 4-way stereo-system. This runs 9.1 or 8.6 (just take the Finder out of the sytem folder. put the other system's folder bach - open the folder once, so it gets the active-system's icon and restart). In my other room is a black 5200/75 (64 MB, 1.6GB) as a TV running 8.5.1. There are two other boards for this one to turn it into a 5400/180 (136MB, 8.6 on 9GB then) or a 5500/275 (128 MB, 9.1 on 10GB) with a 4-slot USB-card.
And I have four PowerBooks 1400; 1400c/1400cs/1400cs/133 and 1400c/166. Just bought a power supply for €1 (Euro) seconds ago.
Look for the PowerBooks's group for details. The first text became too long to correct the mistakes. But this comes from Bach's home country. He wouldn't mind the missing bracket.
PowerBooks 1400; 1400c/1400cs/1400cs/133 and 1400c/166.
The only Powerbook, ever made, with exchangeable bookcover.

i've got a powerbook 1400c that still runs beautifully, but getting files on and off of it is a little hard without any modern ports to work with.
Why don't you connect a USB-Floppy to your other Macs ?
I know that there are USB-cards for these models, keep on searching.
Another good method is to get a PCMCIA ethernet card or even a wireless card and network it to other machines. There are also ethernet card that fit in the 1400's internal expansion slot but these are quite rare. If you're interested in getting your 1400 on wireless then the best place to start is [here].




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