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Hi all,


I encountered the following problem:


After a power outage, I checked my harddisk with First Aid and it said, it couldn't repair properly. So I decided to startup with the Norton Systemworks CD.


It starts booting, but when the desktop is supposed to show up, nothing happens. Clock is running, mouse is moving, but nothing else. I waited a long time to see if there is something happening - NOT.


I tried the original System 7.6.1 CD and it works, but I can't access the HFS+ harddisk with this system.


My last hope is the original OS9 CD that I have to find somewhere, but if this doesn't work too...?


Is there something else I can try to do? I find it confusing that the computer doesn't startup from the CD...

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My Titanium PowerBook has done the same thing after an improper shut down. I found that if I left it for a good two minutes, it would resolve itself and eventually boot. A disk check usually resolves the problem. Because the TAM uses a 250 MHz 603e instead of a 1 GHz G4 like my Titanium, I would give it at least fifteen minutes if you haven't already. Failing this, you might try booting without extensions at startup by holding shift. I have only seen this problem occur on OS 9.2.2, though. OS 7.6.1 and 8.1 seem to behave a bit better with unexpected shut downs.

Another thing to note is that some Norton versions were somewhat ineffective at repairing disks with extensive damage. If it works, great. If not, DiskWarrior is probably the most effective alternative if you can find a copy these days.

One final solution that I can think of is putting the hard drive in a regular IDE enclosure or bay on a computer running OS X, verify it from there and then put it back. Because OS X doesn't rely on the disk driver like OS 9 does, it usually behaves better. That said, I have absolutely no idea how to get at a TAM's hard drve, so this may be impractical. I hope this helps.




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