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I've had an annoying problem with my Pismo. It came with a 3rd party CDRW/DVD-ROM Drive (Panasonic UJDA750), which is a tray-loading, and it is very flaky. I get more frequent errors while burning a disc, even at the lowest supported speeds. The Pismo is always on a flat surface and no outside vibration to cause read/write problems. I'm considering going to and purchasing the slot-loaded SuperDrive they carry for $120 USD. Has anyone here bought that exact drive and had no problems what-so-ever? Please let me know, as I can't take anymore of this piece of junk drive.


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I'm curious, did you get the slot-loading DVD drive? I use one with my Pismo, (don't know where it was purchased, came with).
Not yet. Right now, I'm having problems even with ANY burner I have attached internally or externally. I'm trying to burn under OSX, iTunes and Roxio Toast Titanium ver. 6.x.x. I don't know what the heck is going wrong and I'm disappointed. I keep getting Bus Errors followed by a Hex code 0xsomethingsomething. Usually happens in Roxio after it makes a disk image file to the HDD before burning. All other places, OSX and iTunes, just say I couldn't burn a disk; no error messages. weird.




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