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My iMac G4 20" Snowball (along with my TI-99/4a and Atari 130XE)

My retro computing corner: a TI-99/4a (1981) w/PEB and Speech Synthesizer (at left, on top of desk); an Atari 130XE (1985) w/Atari 1050 floppy disc drive (at left, on lower drawer); and my new-to-me 20” iMac G4 (2004) w/original Harman/Kardon pro speakers, keyboard and mouse (on right).

In the iMac, I installed a new optical drive (DVD sensor was not working on the old one), I replaced 256Mb RAM with 1Gb RAM, I added another SODIMM 1Gb RAM, I replaced the PRAM, I added AirPort Extreme card, and I cleaned inside completely (including new thermal paste on the heat sinks). I wiped the 80Gb hard drive, then installed Mac OS 10.5 Leopard, then updated it to 10.5.8. Installed TenFourFox as a browser, and it all works like a charm...I love this Mac!

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