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June 2008 Blog Posts (9)

The Spurious Madden 08 + Combat! Auction

eBay is the primary source of funding for my Mac addiction. I try to sell whatever I find and refurbish. But every once and a while I like to have some fun.

I found a full copy of Madden 08 for XBox 360 sitting on top of a dumpster when moving to a new apartment. Growing up in the shadow of Green Bay's Lambeau field ruined the lustre of football for me. I also do not have an XBox 360. So this game had to go.

With Madden 09 on the horizon (and Brett Favre on the cover) I… Continue

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In my last post my neighbor gave me a complete IIgs, a IIe with two disk drives, and a boxload of materials to restore. I took it into work and restored both machines to working order. Well... he decided on moving day that it just wouldn't be worth lugging all that heavy stuff around. I offered to write him a check for $100, but he turned me down. It was going to someone who would love and use the hardware. Hooray!

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Apple Has Yet To Acknowledge A Problem....

"Apple has yet to acknowledge a problem"

From the iBook's perpetual video chip problem to the 1.25 Ghz 15 inch G4 Aluminum Powerbook's Top Ram Slot failures, there are a host of malfunctions that have plagued certain Apple Products. Many times, to the dissapointment of it's users Apple has refused to recognize the problems. And there seems one more very sad problem that yet today "Apple has yet to acknowledge....." Steve Job's health.

This month at the World Wide… Continue

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Apple IIGS on the web

It is possible to run Apple IIGS software on a web browser, just like Flash or Java. In fact, with the correct plugin, now all the Apple IIGS software is just a click away - and essentially makes Apple IIGS into a Virtual Machine. If you have a PC with IE or Firefox, you can go to

Virtual Apple or my

ActiveGS page and experience Apple IIGS live, without the need of installing or configuring any… Continue

Added by Lim Thye Chean on June 11, 2008 at 9:00am — 2 Comments BACK Online!

Sean Fahey (a member here) has managed to get back online after an outage. For the whole story, check out this link

Despite Revision3's problems with Media Defender, Media Defender was probably not involved in the abuse of

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Object Oriented Programming in Apple IIGS

Apple IIGS is a great platform for writing applications. There are many programming languages available, and the most famous set of programming languages came from a company named

Byte Works. It has everything from assembler to Modula-2. But the one I like best, is the language called Orca/Pascal. This is because it has a little hidden gem - it supports the Apple

Object Pascal extension.… Continue

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Special announcment - MacHEADS is finished!

After 2 years in the making MacHEADS movie is in the can! Post production was completed last week at studios. The producers would like to thank Colorist and Production Designer Steve Sebban, also Music composer Roy Zu-Arets and Sound Designer Ohad Tzachar who spent 24/7 mixing and finishing. Producers Ron and Kobi Shely are now in negotiations with distributors and will have a special… Continue

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It's not Retro, it's just old (Tandy 100)

Well, this fits the old and retro even if it isn't mac/apple (If someone can post their easy bake oven pics, I can post Tandy pics!)

This article in PC World shows a dissection in photos of an old Tandy 100 portable computer. It was a terribly neat system for its time and still has some possible uses (although the 300 baud modem doesn't sound too great).



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A2Central - Offline

I'm not sure I can really handle this. It's kind of like finding out that a friend has a horrible disease and you wonder if they're going to make it.

A2Central went offline.

This scared me as A2Central was (and still is, and BETTER BE AGAIN) the center of the Apple // world. This not two months before KFest. It's back up with an "offline" page so I'm assuming that it's coming back but it must have been a serious failure to have disappeared so utterly. At first I thought it… Continue

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