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Part 5 now up!


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Part 3 of the iPod Touch Remote!

Find more videos like this on RetroMacCast

Here is part three! I hope you are finding this helpful, and I can tell you how much this has changed the way I do things around the… Continue

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Approaching Macintosh Second Edition

Book Cover - Approaching Macintosh Back in the day before the book for dummies there had to be books on how to for the Mac. Heres an old one I found some years ago. Im posting to share some memories with anyone who had this book as well. I dont have the rights to upload the entire book, so its just the cover rear and 2 pages at random.


Approaching Macintosh: A Guide to Learning Macintosh… Continue

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Ok so its not retro but... iPod Touch Home Remote

if theres a group of people id like to share with... its people with the same sickness I have, old Macs. I know some of you have iPhones or Touches so here is a basic tutorial on how to set up a house remote using a Touch or iPhone!

this is part one of many. (about 10 in all) and Ill be posting them on a fairly regular basis!

Find more videos like this on… Continue

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Do you remember the Powerbook 1400 covers?

my favorite cover Yeah the Powerbook 1400 had an optional clear cover with paper inserts that you could put under the clear plastic! Ive even scanned one and used it as a template to make my own updated versions. I scanned the folder they came in and the 6 covers I have in jpeg format, all full size images, and zipped them all up. Get them here:

download zip file…


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Hey Kids!

Apple logo from my SE/30 Hey all! I thought Id look you up and join the merry group! When Im not changing diapers, or fixing the house, Ill be joining the discussion as much as possible!

John, I think I met you after the Inhatko game show! Great to talk to you, and both of you keep up the great work on 'ye olde podcast'!

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