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I want to do a podcast!!

Well I've been thinking about this ever since I started listening to podcast a little more than three years ago, but I really want to do a podcast! It started after I got my iMac, and started downloading podcast for my iPod Touch I had at the time. I've had trouble trying to decide what I would do a podcast about though. I love tech, but don't know a lot of the "how to tear down & reassemble" of the industry. I love food, and know a lot about it! I also love photography, and music. I…


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Getting A New Cinema Display!!!!

If you've looked at my photo gallery here on the Retro MacCast site, then you've seen that I have one of the 22" original acrylic framed Cinema Displays!  I bought it last year, and have loved it ever since hooking it up.  The only problem has been that it's not the display I thought I'd bought!  I thought I was buying the 23" High Definition version of the display I ended up with.  I got it at a great price: 22" Cinema Display, matching 15" Studio Display, and the ADC to DVI adapter all for…


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iPad 2 Awesomeness!!


So it's been a little bit over 3 weeks  since I got my hands on an iPad 2 on launch night!  I've been using it almost everyday since then, even replacing my iMac as my normal web browsing machine.  I'm even doing some of my own writing on Pages for iPad, instead of using MS Word.  And it has a lot of really fun stuff on it too!!  I can now see why Steve Jobs…


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New MacBook Pro's bring "Light Peak" to market!!


On Thursday February 24th, Apple announced a much anticipated update to it's MacBook Pro line of notebook computers!  Apple updates most of it's products on a regular basis, many being about a year apart.  It's been a little longer than normal since Apple has refreshed most of the MacBook line, though they did update the MacBook Air back in October of last…


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The next Mac is.....

Well friends, I finally have bought another Macintosh!!  It's taken almost a year since I bought my TAM, but there is a new Mac in the house.  I had been looking for an older Mac to serve as a computer for my mom.  She is intimidated about using my iMac, even though I set up an account for her on it.  I had said that I'd find an older one for her to use, but she didn't think she needed one.  As I looked more, and showed some of them to her, she kind of got more interested.




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So very, very close to a 128k Macintosh!!

If you haven't been to my page here on RMC's Ning site, then you might not know that I live in Springfield, Missouri.  I was having trouble sleeping late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, and I thought I'd check some e-mail.  I had recently found that I was getting…


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"We wish you well Steve Jobs!"

I'm sure that by now most of The RMC Community has heard the news that Steve Jobs is taking another Medical Leave of Absence from Apple.  Steve has had several Health Issues over the past 6 years ranging from Pancreatic Cancer, to a Liver Transplant, to this newest concern.  As before COO of Apple Inc, Tim Cook, will shepard the company in Steve's absence.  Steve Jobs has asked that people respect his privacy in the matter, and I tend to agree!


We all love the two Steve's…


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What if my company used Macs?

OK I doubt that it's just me, but maybe it is??  The local Apple re-seller that I buy most my Mac stuff from uses an older iMac as their cash register.  So that got me to thinking, "What if the store I work for used Macs??"


Unfortunately my company uses Dell computeres, running Windows CE.  I think that if we used Macs, then maybe the computeres wouldn't be a temperamental as they can be at times!  I work in the receiving department of my store here in Springfield, MO.  We…


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A Happy New Year!!

I just wanted to quickly wish all my friends, and everyone else on The Retro MacCast site a very Happy New Year!!  I hope that we all enjoy working with our Macs this year wether they are brand new iMacs & Mac Pros, or they be older Power Macs or a few lucky 128k Macs!!


What will the coming year hold for us in the Apple Universe??  Many people expect the announcement of The iPad 2.0 this January.  Many have been hoping that Apple will make the switch to USB 3, but that…


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I have returned!!

Hi everybody!  I have been absent from The Retro MacCast World for a little while.  I know that I have some explaining to do, and I will get to that here in a minute.  I plan on posting some more here, I'd like to do maybe one post a week?


To explain where I have been, I've been with out internet for a lot of the Summer!  I just got it back this November, right after Thanksgiving.  I had a little bit of a time getting it hooked up, but now I'm back in business!  I'd like to…


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Happy Memorial Day!!

How is everyone??!! It's the day before Memorial Day, and I'm just relaxing at home! Got the day off tomorrow, so I get one of those rare 2-day weekends!! In retail if you don't ask for a weekend off as vacation time, you usually don't get many off them. I get maybe 4 weekends off a year with out having to use some of my 3 weeks of vacation time. If only I'd win the lottery, of The Associated Press would just offer me that photographer position already!! LOL :-D :-D

Any way, I still… Continue

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A quick Update!

Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still here! Things have been a little busy on my end, I know it's been a little while since I last posted.

I got the Apple IIe that I was planning on. It's a little dirty after many years of storage in a garage, so I'm going to have to put some elbow grease into cleaning it up. I'm also not sure where I'm going to put it! lol!! Currently the TAM is just setting on my dinning table, and if you've seen the pictures of my desk since I got the 22"… Continue

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I just noticed that it's been a few days since I last posted, and wanted to get something out there!

Next weekend the friend whose uncle is selling me his Apple IIe, is going back home to compete in a fishing tournament. He's from Tipton, MO which is about 133 miles north of Springfield. He is coming home pretty late Sunday night, so I'm going to have to wait to pick the computer up on Monday. That's cool, I don't have a place to set it up yet, put I probably will by then.

I'm… Continue

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Me, Enter The Retro Challenge??

Hello everyone! I've been thinking of the strangest, yet most awesome thing all day long. What if I was to enter the Retro Challenge contest?? I'm not good with hardware, I don't know how to program, and I'm not good with artistic stuff other than photography, some music, and writing!! But wait!! Maybe that's the answer??!! Didn't I hear James once talking about people entering short stories, even full length novels in the contest that were written on retro computers?? I do believe that I… Continue

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New Pics On My Profile!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I got some new pics up on my profile today! There's close to 80 new pictures in about 5 albums. The new albums that join my iMac album are: My TAM, Cinema Displays, my iPhone, & my Wacom Tablet.

I hope you all enjoy the pics!! Keep Macing everyone!! :-) :-)

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First Post On My iMac!!!! :-) :-)

Well everyone, this is my first post on my returned iMac!! I love the fact that I have my baby back at home, and that my internet is back up & running!! I think that my graphics card may have been bad from the get go, as my screen seems brighter, crisper, and just overall better looking than it ever did before. I really am glade to have my iMac home, and I'm so glade it wasn't anything more than a bad graphics card!!

I do have some good news tonight! I have secured the second piece… Continue

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My iMac Is Comming Home Tomorrow!!

I got a call from Database Systems this afternoon, and my iMac is all fixed up!! :-) :-) The repair tech told me that they ordered a new graphics card to see if that was the problem. Everything booted up like it's supossed to after everything was put back together!

I'm going to go picked it up before I go to work tomorrow morning. I prbably won't be able to get on line till Wednesday evening, as I have accidently let my Internet bill laps! If it isn't one thing, then it's another!!… Continue

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I Finaly Have My TAM!!

I finaly got to pick up my TAM today! I had an awesome day haning out wth my mom, and a great frend from Rogers, Arkansas!! We drove over to Eureka Springs, and picked up my TAM. We went back to Rogers, Nd had a wnderful evening! Mom and I got home around 1:45 am. I imediatly setup the TAM where my iMac was only yesterday.

Shortly after I started it up, a hum started in the left speaker, and not matter that I set the balance to 100% right, it kept on. After about 15-20 minutes, it… Continue

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Quick iMac Update!

I over slept, and didn't get to take my iMac in myself. But my mom was kInd enough to take it in for me!! I have no idea what's wrong, but I'm sure Database Systems will get it patched up in no time!!

Tomorrow's the big day!! I go to pck up my TAM in Eureka Springs!! Wish me luck everybody! As I said in yesterday's post, I'll publish a post after I pick it up. Till then, happy Mac hunting!! :-) :-)

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Wow!! Apple Care Rocks!!

Well I called the people at Apple today, and boy was I bowled over! I talke to a very nice lady, I think her name was Elizibeth. I told her my situation about needing to get my iMac serviced, but not knowing that I needed to register it when I bought my computer a little over 2 years ago!! She tookmy serial number, the code off the sheet in my Apple Care box, and told since it was past the first year she would have to talk to an administrator to see if they could register it. She told me shed… Continue

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