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Conversations with the Apple Inc. Co-Founder Steve Woz part 3

MacHEADS the movie just uploaded a deleted footage from our archives. Watch Apple Inc. Co-Founder Steve Woz talks his College days with Steve Jobs and how they started Apple Inc.

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MacHEADS is now on HULU!

MacHEADS The Movie, a documentary by Filmmakers brothers Kobi and Ron Shely, explores the quirky world of Mac fandom. The movie is now available on Hulu! The independent film is currently number one most popular feature movie on all channels! “This is a remarkable achievement for our small production company, we hope the movie will inspire other International filmmakers and… Continue

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Conversations with the Woz Part 2 - "My friend Steve Jobs"

Update - we’ve now added part 2, watch Woz talks about his humor, and his pal Steve Jobs “Bill wanted me to meet this guy Steve Jobs he said he is interested in computers like I do and also likes to make pranks like I do. I was more of the center type he was more floating in the air eating herbs hippie kind of stuff, bathed in the Ganges in India. We also… Continue

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Conversations with the Woz

As we look back at hours of footage we shot for MacHEADS, we realize there is so much great stuff we couldn’t have entered the movie. Much valuable and educational archives would have just evaporated, so we decided to share some great moments with the public, and thus kicking off the series is an insanely great appearance - …


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MacHEADS launch on iTunes Canada!

Another launch, after signing with iTunes US and iTunes UK we are now launching the film on iTunes Canada Read the post on MacHEADS blog

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MacHEADS is now on iTunes UK!

God save the queen, MacHEADS is coming to Great Britain! The movie is making its debut at the UK and there is no better place than iTunes to kick off the fun. Buy it on

iTunes UK ₤6.99 or Rent it… Continue

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First TV deal signed!

Exciting news, Falcon Films will broadcst MacHEADS the movie all across the Middle East and North Africa. Dates are not set yet, but we will update as soon as we get them.

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Russian Subtitles now available for free!

The Mac community is truly incredible, I’ve received an email , from Dmitriy “pharaon” Remezov, from Russia. He asked me where he could get Russian subtitles for MacHEADS, unfortunetaly because we are an small independent production team, we couldn’t find the funds to do subtitles in different languages. Dima wasn’t deterred, he made an incredible effort and translate the film and also went into the sound studio and added voice over! So now dear… Continue

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MacHEADS DVD now available on Amazon

MacHEADS the DVD is now available for worldwide distribution on Amazon for $19.99, also the special edition is now available on our

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Now Available - MacHEADS the DVD

The Mac culture documentary is available on 2 – disc Special Edition only on MacHEADS website. The limited DVD features over 2 hours bonus material including in depth discussion about Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder Steve Woz ,early Macintosh vintage clips and archives, the Newton, the first color Macs, MUGs history and contribution to Apple’s success, an open debate about MacHEADS superiority complex,… Continue

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Keeping an eye on the press I’ve read FORTUNE take on MacHEADS. Fun reading! Thank you Philip from APPLE 2.O

“Ultimately, this is a story of lost innocence. Even as the community celebrated the return of Steve Jobs — their prodigal son and savior — it was being undermined by the Web (which obviated… Continue

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MacHEADS now on iTunes and Amazon VOD

“MacHEADS The Movie” ( is available for purchase on iTunes and

Amazon VOD. MacHEADS is an in-depth examination of what makes the Mac, the iPhone, and all Apple products in general a cultural… Continue

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MacHEADS is now available on Amazon VOD

MacHEADS the Movie on Amazon VOD

Brooklyn New York, January 26, 2009, -- Chimp 65 productions has announced that their documentary film “MacHEADS The Movie” ( is available for purchase on Amazon VOD.

MacHEADS is an in-depth examination of what makes the Mac, the iPhone, and all Apple products in general a cultural phenomena rather than just consumer electronics, and explores the extraordinary loyalty to Apple products by their followers, as… Continue

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Saturday marks the 25th anniversary of the original Macintosh, the first personal computer to draw masses, introduce the mouse and incorporate a graphical user interface, relying on images instead of text. CNN and BBC News featured MacHEADS as drawing some very interesting insights about the Mac and the devoted community.

CNN - “Speaking of worship, filmmakers Ron and Kobi Shely created “MacHEADS: The Movie,” a 50-minute documentary that’ll be available next week on Amazon’s video on… Continue

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MacHEADS Premiere / Post Event

On January 7th, 2009, Kobi and Ron Shely premiered MacHeads the Movie in room 134 at MacWorld 2009, in the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA, USA. We were thrilled to see over 1000 people turn out.

We want thank you all for coming, it was sure good to see so many familiar faces in the crowd. A Special thanks to the IDG people for the warm hospitality and for setting up this event, we want to thank Paul,Brian, Elitha Charlote and… Continue

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A Special Premier of MacHEADS the movie hosted by Macworld Expo

Chimp 65 Productions today announces the special

premier of the documentary film "MacHEADS The Movie" at the 2009

Macworld Conference & Expo. This attendees-only special screening will

be on Wednesday, January 7, in room 131 of the North Hall of Moscone


MacHEADS is an in-depth examination of just what makes the Mac, the

iPhone, and Apple's other products a cultural phenomenon, rather than

just run-of-the-mill consumer electronics. The film… Continue

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Trusted production G5 - shuttered!

After serving Chimp 65 productions for the last 4 years, our beloved Mac G5 is dead. It happened today, MacHEADS assistant editor broke the news to producers Kobi and Ron Shely. Apparently- while digitizing materials for a new documentary (with the latest installed Avid Media Composer…) rows of pixels filled the screen. At first, a restart seemed to be the cure, but a gray apple… Continue

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New 'MacHeads' trailer surfaces

taken from cnet If Tuesday's news of new, more-powerful, Mac laptops wasn't enough to stoke the fires of the Apple faithful, I've got even more to offer. Tuesday afternoon, the producers of the forthcoming film, MacHeads, released a new trailer. The film is scheduled for a fall release. No word yet on how it will be distributed. The film, as noted here in January, will take a close look… Continue

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MacHEADS under the wave scanner

You know you are a Machead but not sure if it's an addiction or a choice, you're not alone now there is scientific proof that Apple is a religion! We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing an interview with marketing guru, Martin Lindstorm. Martin advises top executives at companies including the McDonald’s Corporation, Nestlé, American Express, Microsoft, The Walt Disney Company and… Continue

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Distribution - MacHEADS is getting closer

Last month we’ve announced the completion of MacHEADS at

Gizmodo, and since than the movie got the attention of the film industry. We are working around the clock to complete a distribution deal that will bring MacHEADS to the wide public. At this point we can’t disclose the identity of the distribution companies, but we can say… Continue

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