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Photo Zeitgeist

The number of available gigabytes on my Mac keeps dwindling thanks to how easy it is to process photos on a Mac. I had to spring for an external NAS (1 terabyte mirrored RAID), but I still hover around 20gb on my main machine.

An abandoned Ford truck found in a barn in La Grange, Wisconsin. A coworker gave me a tip on how to find…


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I Heart iPhoto

I invested in a Canon XSi in early January. The investment has proven productive, as I have already snapped as many photos in two months as I did all of 2009. I have been using iPhoto more intensely too. It may be time to make the switch to Aperture soon.

I volunteer two hours a week at a local no-kill cat shelter called…


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Urban Exploration - Another Hobby I'm Passionate About

I love Macs. You love Macs. Everyone here at the RMC website loves Macs as a hobby. One of my other favorite hobbies is Urban Exploration... or Urbex for short. If you aren't familiar with the activity it can best be described as such. The infiltration of abandoned buildings. In early 2007 when RMC was still ironing the kinks of producing a high quality podcast I was living in Marburg an der Lahn, about an hour north of Frankfurt, Germany. In between Frankfurt and Marburg was a small town… Continue

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The Job Search

Over the past three months I've been toiling in vain to find a job. The closest jobs that I could apply to with my teaching license meant a 100 mile commute to work. As the months ticked by I started applying to anywhere with an opening - US Cellular, Verizon, Veritas Security and other chain stores. Not a single one of them ever called back.

Three weeks ago I was invited to a barbeque and met an individual who manages the computer technology on UW Whitewater's campus. We got to… Continue

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IIgs Remote Boot - Success!

Last week I managed to get a copy of AppleShare Server 3.0. This version has the ability to remote boot an Apple IIgs or IIe with a Workstation Card. I installed it onto my Macintosh Classic with 4mb of RAM running System 7.0.1.

The install process was not entirely smooth. The server software installed without a hitch. The included "Apple II Setup" v2.2 disk did not want to play nice. Luckily Apple has version 3.0 on their Older Software… Continue

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Note to self:

When sitting on shaggy carpet in the dry Wisconsin winter air while listening to your iPod, do not touch the IIgs screen with your finger to clean it off. The loud static pop in the headphones nearly made you deaf.

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Conversational German for the Mac User IV

Spar dir die Zeit, Kopfschmerz, und Jammer. Kauf ein Macintosh.

Save yourself the time, headache, and sorrow. Buy a Macintosh.

Wann das Internet fragt, “Bist du mindestens 18 Jahre alt?”, ist die Antwort immer dieselbe: Ja.

When the internet asks, "are you 18 years old?", the answer is always the same: yes.

Alle die beste illegal verbreitete Software kann Man von einem Scwarzes-Brett-System herunterladen. Mein 9600-baud Modem und 80mb Festplattenlaufwerk braucht… Continue

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Film Retrospective - "The Net"

In 1995 the internet was not something that most Americans were familiar with. I remember the conversation with my parents when I first asked them if we could get AOL. Being technophobic midwesterners my parents only knew that this "internet" was a gateway for adult material, pedophiles, and corruption. Playing the education card I was able to convince them to subscribe to AOL.

That same year a film called "The Net" starring Sandra Bullock came to theaters. It exploited every fear… Continue

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Apple To Do List

I went through an Apple acquisition phase recently and now have quite a bit to do. Here's what is currently on my Apple To Do list.

1. Mac Classic II: Determine if HD is disconnected or broken. Purchased Torx-T15 to open case. May need to locate SCSI drive.

2. Powerbook 170: Does not power on. Purchased multimeter to determine if AC is broken. Must learn how a multimeter works.

3. Apple //c: Purchased AC adapter. "Check Disk Drive" error shows up on screen. Repair/replace… Continue

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One of the editors contacted me about running MiniVMacDS on my NintendoDS. Yay! Here is a link to the story.

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The Spurious Madden 08 + Combat! Auction

eBay is the primary source of funding for my Mac addiction. I try to sell whatever I find and refurbish. But every once and a while I like to have some fun.

I found a full copy of Madden 08 for XBox 360 sitting on top of a dumpster when moving to a new apartment. Growing up in the shadow of Green Bay's Lambeau field ruined the lustre of football for me. I also do not have an XBox 360. So this game had to go.

With Madden 09 on the horizon (and Brett Favre on the cover) I… Continue

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In my last post my neighbor gave me a complete IIgs, a IIe with two disk drives, and a boxload of materials to restore. I took it into work and restored both machines to working order. Well... he decided on moving day that it just wouldn't be worth lugging all that heavy stuff around. I offered to write him a check for $100, but he turned me down. It was going to someone who would love and use the hardware. Hooray!

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Distractions... distractions... distractions...

A neighbor of mine dropped off a complete IIe, IIgs, and a box full of software that has been sitting in his garage for two years. Both machines come populated with an assortment of cards (no SCSI though). He also says he has an Imagewriter and a IIsi. I asked him what he wanted for the whole lot and he hasn't specified a price. We've agreed to work something out once the semester wraps up.

I should be wrapping up my semester… Continue

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Welcome to Macintosh - Impressions

My friend Drew and I drove down to Madison, Wisconsin from UW-Oshkosh to catch the premier of “Welcome to Macintosh” at the Chazen Museum of Art. The $30 in gas and cost of admission was money well spent. We met up with another friend of mine, Adam, who lived just a few blocks away.

Madison is fairly open-minded and, as you can guess, full of Mac-heads. The theater was not packed to the brim, but was mostly filled. The level of geekery/virginity was palpable as audience members waved… Continue

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Conversational German for the Mac User III

• Ein Modem? Was zum Teufel ist ein Modem?

• What the devil is a modem?

• Das Akronym RTFM hat keine richtige deutsche Übersetzung.

• The acronym RTFM has no real German translation.

• Die Schnittstelle von Leopard ist leicht auf den Augen.

• The interface of Leopard is light on the eyes.

• Hast du deinen Steve Jobs Rollkragen mitgebracht?

• Did you bring your Steve Jobs turtleneck?

• Computer Problemen? Haben Sie ein Macintosh als ein Upgrade… Continue

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eBay Raising Prices Feb. 20

From my own blog:

Newsflash: Already profitable US Company raising prices to increase profits.

Okay now take a guess which one it is? Oil company? Cable company? Nope. It is eBay.

On January 29, they sent out an e-mail to all members heralding the lower costs of listing items on eBay. Nowhere in the communiqué did they mention that, in fact, they were raising prices. It is true that initial fees to…

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Conversational German for the Mac User: II

Das Macbook Air sieht magersüchtig aus, deswegen würde ich es nicht kaufen. Ich mag meine Laptops wie meine Fräulein, dick mit großen Behaglichkeitskurven.

The Macbook Air looks like it is starving and that is why I’m not buying one. I like my laptops like my women, thick with huge comfy curves.

Umsatteln zu einem Macintosh? Und wo hast du diese Schnapsidee gekriegt?

Switching to a Macintosh? Where did you get that crazy idea?

Die Sage ist, dass Windows 7 (sieben) in… Continue

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Another One Bites the Dust

One of the unfortunate truths of my part-time job is that I have to put older Macs out to pasture. Right now I'm installing 10.4 on a G3 400 Mhz Graphite iMac that was used by one of my professors. She still was using OS 9.2 up until last week. After all the data is wiped clean this machine will most likely sit in a corner until it is consigned to the disposal facility across the street. It costs the university money to dispose of this "obsolete" machine. It would make more sense and cents to… Continue

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MacBook Air's Appendix

With no physical media drive on the Gestalt of the MacBook Air unit, one has to wonder what function it serves. Gizmodo has just done a funny writeup on the potential for the MacBook Air's awkward Eject key.

Before flaming, yes, I know about the USB Superdrive for 99 clams.

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But Nobody Told Me!

Whilst listening to the aural sensation that is RetroMacCast episode 54 my ears were atwitter at the 24:47 mark hearing my RMC Social Network handle "Mac OS Ken." I wasn't in California this last week. Had another overdose of Diet Mountain Dew and wanton eBay scouring into the wee hours of the morning resulted in yet another psychotic break? What the?

It turns out there is another "Mac OS Ken" out there on the internwebs. It appears as though the real "… Continue

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