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Pretty sure the corrosion on the TAM power supply didn't come standard.

Yes my TAM arrived all the way from Japan. Alas, when I plugged it in I heard a muffled pop from somewhere inside the subwoofer/power supply. I didn't smell the magic smoke though, and when I got the subwoofer taken apart (Thank you !!) Spiderwebs, some dead bugs (Imported dead bugs, fancy!) and corroded metal are what greeted me. The one and only fuze still reads good and I…


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Call-A.P.P.L.E. FTW!

You may have listened to the interview with Rebecca Heineman & Jennell Jaquays that Brian Wiser and I did but if you haven't read it yet go check out the article (and all the other great articles) over at Call-A.P.P.L.E.. I can't imagine how long it must have taken to transcribe it. Brian has also out did himself finding great graphics to go with the…


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Insulated Nerdvana

This is the downstairs where the arcade games will be. I'm trying to decide whether to call it Arcadia or Arc80s.

Here is the upstairs, the future home of my MacAttic…


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Honey I Shrunk the Computer

My 1/3 scale mac is done! 

The Outside

I made the case using white 3m Sintra (a sheet of pvc, easy to cut and sand) using an x-acto knife,…


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Apple Pi

I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi with the idea of making a 1/2 scale model of a Mac Plus. This is one those "Because I can" projects with no practical use (my favorite kind!). The Raspberry pi is a tiny little computer approximately 4" x 2.5" x .5" in size. As tiny as it is it can run lot of very cool apps including some old school emulators, as Derek has shown,…


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Our Quest is at an end.

Yes folks, it's finally finished. The Banana Jr. lives! I have to say that I'm pretty happy with the final results.…


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So this last Saturday, after doing the 3d anniversary podcast, I tackled a project I've been putting off for a while (what a surprise!). What you see in the photo below are

five Laserwriter IIs.

These were bought at a school sale several years ago and promptly shoved into an already overburdened garage to await their fate. When you buy stuff at one of these surplus sales you take a risk as you are not allowed to try anything first. At… Continue

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Almost there!

More progress has been made to my new Plastic Pal Who's Fun to Play With (tm). Before painting the front I had to get it ready for the banana logo. About an hour with an exacto knife accomplished this quite nicely.

The next step was to fill in the gaps where parts of the apple shape were larger than the banana. I wrapped my logo in plastic wrap and filled the gaps with epoxy putty.

Tada! Here it is after… Continue

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Banana Jr. Update

I've completed a small but essential piece of the Banana Jr. The logo for the front of the system turned out better than I expected.

Here is a side by side comparison. As you can see the logo is quite a bit larger but if I had made it any smaller it would have been very difficult to work with. It was made by using some clear double sided tape to adhere the print to the bottom of some plexiglass and then cutting it on a scroll saw. I then rounded… Continue

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I celebrated the 25th birthday of the Macintosh by making and appropriately decorated brownie and playing some of my all-time favorite retro black-and-white games,

Lode Runner and

Crystal Quest. If you've never played these, fire up MiniVMac or your old compact Mac and give them a try.

The Mac…


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Mac Slacker

My dog ate my Mac. A meteor landed on my house. I was dead at the time... Or maybe I am just a huge procrastinator. Yes, my Retro Challenge project still lay in a state of unfinishedatudeness. Legless and not yellow, my little plastic pal looks at me with sad mac eyes. I have all the pieces needed to complete the cosmetic transformation from Mac Plus to Banana Jr. Some how the time slipped away (get it, banana - banana peel - slipped! Ha, it is to laugh)

I did get as far as… Continue

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I was looking for a picture of the cover of "Zen and the Art of Macintosh - Discoveries on the Path to Computer Enlightenment" by Michael Green (One of my favorite Mac-centric books). Much to my surprise, there were none to be found, even where I found it for sale at used book sites! So, here for your perusal is not only the cover but a few pages from inside as well. "Zen and the Art of Macintosh" was published in 1986 by Running Press Book Publishers. This book is a celebration of desktop… Continue

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