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The AppleSphere

I have started a blog recently called The AppleSphere. it is mostly about mac and apple related things. i hope to really start posting good content once i graduate high school, so bear with me :D

I have also created a fourm for not just classic macs, but for modern macs

I just finished creating it so any feedback would be great

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iMac on the way

I about a week I'm going to be receiving a Indigo iMac, I not sure though on the specs

This is going to make Mac number 5!!!!!!!!!

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My World of Macintosh

I think its about time that I post an update on what i have been doing lately. the major Project that I have been doing is Installing a copy of AppleShare IP that i managed to get a hold of through Macintosh Garden . there are a few problems with launching admin manager, it gives me a AppleShareClientAPI warning and them promptly closes. my Quadra 660av is not used as much as I would like it to be (because I only have 1 monitor) so its… Continue

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New Computer!!!!!!!

well today i got a new computer.....its a G4 "SawTooth"!!!!! here are the specs:

450mhz G4
768mb of ram
18gb hd
and it will soon be running 9.2.2 or mac os x server :D

Added by Kendall Seabury on September 25, 2009 at 2:35pm — 3 Comments

Welcome to the mac faith....

well yesterday me and my aunt went to the apple store in Holyoke MA, and I convinced my aunt for her next computer that she is going to be getting soon that she should get a Mac, and she is she will be getting a mac mini :) and i will be getting her old computer....a....ummm.....Emachine PC :p

Added by Kendall Seabury on August 28, 2009 at 10:55am — 2 Comments

G3 Update 2 and sone rants and other things

some of the new things that i have done to my G3:

1) added a 18GB hard drive and a 800MB hard drive to it.

the next thing that i hope to get is an adapter for my Quadra 660av so can network it with my G3, I'm going to need one of those AAUI transceivers so i can use Ethernet, but hear is the catch. my mom is one of those people that didn't want me to have a computer in the first place. but three computers later she said I could (maybe fourth one is in order now). i made a… Continue

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G3 update

wow its been a while since I posted about my blue and white G3, well here is what I have done to it:

- Installed Mac OS 9.2.2 on it.

- added a 18.25 GB hard drive along with the 12.69 GB hard drive already in the system

I was weird when i first opened it I discovered that there was a G4 processor in it but the system wasn't upgraded in any way even the processor in the slot says that it is a G4. I thought that maybe it was a hardware bug but when i use the hardware… Continue

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At Last, i'm getting a G3!!!!

well i guess that I have found a way to get a blue and white G3, look for one that isn't licensed to the school!! since it isn't licensed to this school system i can have it!!! it should be coming home with me next week.... I can't wait!

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We are all gathered here today...

This Sunday marked the end or the wonderful comic named Opus. the reason why I bring this up is the creator of the comic Berkley Breathed was also the creator of the Bloom County comic series which had the Banana Junior (John are you listening). is creative skills will be missed by By Opus fans and Mac lovers everywhere.

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I have seen the microsoft commercial over and over and over (if i didn't stop this would probably go on forever). and in hundreds of times watching it I have noticed and criticized it down to this:



if the director of marketing or advertising is reading this let me give you a tip, have your commercial pertain to the product that you are trying to sell!


Bill Gates if you are… Continue

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The Chirstmas Mac

When I was cleaning my 660av yesterday i was looking at the sticker that has the manufacturing date and I was surprised to find out that it was manufactured on 12/20/93. has any one ever found a interesting or surprising date that there mac was made on?

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Can't get the G3

alas, I can't save the G3's from my school for a strange reason, the administrators reason is that they are cataloged at the computer center at our town hall and he says that he has to take them there to take them out of the database. but me and my teacher are arguing that the can use the computers in out shop because they run 10.5 so he could get to his computer at the town hall useing screen sharing, but no luck. all I can do is watch them get carted off to the dump:-(.

I guess I… Continue

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My new website

finaly i have my website up and runing, if you are a retro computing fan come and join the site!!

so far there is three people not including me.

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I get I will start out by telling everyone about the Macs that I have, my main machine is a PowerPC 8100/100 and a Quadra 660av. I am going to be getting a Blue G3 from my teacher at school because they are updating our equitment and they are going to be trashing them. All of the computers that i have been saved from being thrown away.

More to come...

Added by Kendall Seabury on August 31, 2008 at 12:34pm — 1 Comment



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