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Wholly Mindless's Blog – June 2008 Archive (3) BACK Online!

Sean Fahey (a member here) has managed to get back online after an outage. For the whole story, check out this link

Despite Revision3's problems with Media Defender, Media Defender was probably not involved in the abuse of

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It's not Retro, it's just old (Tandy 100)

Well, this fits the old and retro even if it isn't mac/apple (If someone can post their easy bake oven pics, I can post Tandy pics!)

This article in PC World shows a dissection in photos of an old Tandy 100 portable computer. It was a terribly neat system for its time and still has some possible uses (although the 300 baud modem doesn't sound too great).



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A2Central - Offline

I'm not sure I can really handle this. It's kind of like finding out that a friend has a horrible disease and you wonder if they're going to make it.

A2Central went offline.

This scared me as A2Central was (and still is, and BETTER BE AGAIN) the center of the Apple // world. This not two months before KFest. It's back up with an "offline" page so I'm assuming that it's coming back but it must have been a serious failure to have disappeared so utterly. At first I thought it… Continue

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